Green Roof Technology - providing Energy Security. - 8 Pages

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Green Roof Technology - providing Energy Security.

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Green Roof Technology - providing Energy Security

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FOAMGLAS® Insulation – Roof Systems.

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Outdoor “living space”. In “Five Points of Modern Architecture” Le Corbusier stipulated the creation of green areas with flourishing vegetation on otherwise void flat roofs in order to create natural spaces in dense urban areas for the improvement of ambient conditions. He described the terrace or green roof as the “zone of preference” in the house. And indeed, terrace roofs as an outdoor living space have a great attractiveness. The rooftop is an ideal platform for a magnificent view over the environment. And the creation of green areas adds additional benefits to the ecological profile of...

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FOAMGLAS® Insulation – Unrivalled Performance.

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Physical properties. Due to the combination of unique properties, FOAMGLAS® insulation is also called “Safety insulation”. It is unrivalled in performance. Manufactured from crushed glass and carbon, it forms closed glass cells – containing an inert gas – which provide excellent thermal effectiveness. As a highdensity insulant, the product shows good performance in airborne sound reduction and heat protection in summer. FOAMGLAS® insulation is totally impervious to water and vapor; it will not absorb water. An additional vapor barrier is not required, as the all-glass closed cell insulation...

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FOAMGLAS® – Roof Systems. Damage to Green Roofs. When insulation material susceptible to moisture absorption and unsealed joints is applied, water can migrate between the system’s layers. That leads to the possibility of water saturation over the entire roof. If leakage occurs due to mechanical damage or failure of the membrane, often the work environment is disrupted and the resulting repair costs can be significant. FOAMGLAS ® insulation can eliminate these issues because it performs not only as an insulation material but also as a water barrier. FOAMGLAS® combines all: water-stop and...

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The perfect system for the Green Roof. FOAMGLAS® thermal insulation can do with only a few components to create the Compact Roof: an exceptionally robust and rainproof flat roof construction. The insulating cellular glass slabs are bonded with hot asphalt onto the structural deck. The slabs are set into the adhesive and pushed to form closely butted joints. The joints are staggered and filled with bitumen to achieve a compact insulation layer. In the FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof all layers are perfectly bonded to each other. Water migration into the roof and interstitial moisture can be excluded...

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