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Snow screen LSJ

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The snow screen is designed for use as an external louvre in outdoor air intakes in conditions, where efficient snow prevention is required. Product Facts • Efficient snow prevention until face velocity v = 0,7 m/s • Water prevention practically perfect until face velocity v = 0,7 m/s • Service-free, does not require electrical energy • Self-cleaning due to the open blade construction in the lower part • Self-supporting construction until the depth of 400 mm • Modular construction, which does not limit the vertical or horizontal size of the product Product code example Snow screen LSJ-2000-1000-300 Fläkt Woods Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

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Construction, installation, pressure drop, dimensions and weights Construction The snow screen consists of vertical blades which are held together by top and bottom plates. The vertical blades form a kind of labyrinth for the inflowing air, which efficiently prevents the penetration of snow, regardless of e.g. wind direction. The air flows in through the front surface and both side surfaces. The upper plate surface is slightly inclined outwards. The width, height and depth of the snow screen can be selected independently of each other. The nominal width and depth can be selected at...

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Selection diagram, product code Selection diagram Air volume qv = 2,1 m3/s and the desired face velocity v = The pressure drop Apt = 23 Pa can be obtained on basis of This leads to the face area Ao = 3,0 m2, which would Product code Snow screen Nominal width B (aaaa) Nominal height H (bbbb) v average face velocity m/s Apt total pressure drop Pa Flakt Woods Specifications are subject of alteration without further notice.

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