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Jetfoil - Tunnel Fans

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Precise Air Management Jetfoil - Tunnel Fans

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Jet Fans and Accessories Fläkt Woods is the industry leader in air movement technology, providing innovative solutions worldwide. Our extensive knowledge of design and applications is based on over 100 years of experience in tunnels, buildings, industry and original equipment manufacturers. Fläkt Woods’ global coverage reaches over 100 countries and is supported by an extensive distribution network. Our expertise in tunnel ventilation applications covers road & rail tunnels, metros, tunnel construction and wind tunnels. Fläkt Woods’ products have been successfully used in underground...

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The Jetfoil Fan Range General Information • ø560 - ø1600 mm • Thrust up to 3500N • ø800 mm up to 3000 rpm, ø1250 mm up to 1800 rpm and ø1600 mm up to 1200 rpm • Fully adjustable die cast aluminium impellers in uni-directional and truly reversible configurations; X-ray inspection • Mild steel casing - hot dipped galvanised after manufacture, painted or all stainless steel construction • Silencers fitted where required • Motor protection IP55 • High thrust performance • Emergency ventilation options up to 400°C/2 hours • Truly reversible fans provide 100% thrust reversibility. Uni-directional...

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Fan type JMTS = Truly Symmetrical Jet Fan JMG = Uni-Directional Jet Fan Hub diameter 20 = 200 mm 40 = 400 mm 25 = 250 mm 50 = 500 mm 31 = 315 mm 63 = 630 mm Motor pole 2 4 6 8 pole pole pole pole No. of blades 5 = 5 blades 6 = 6 blades 9 = 9 blades 12 = 12 blades Pitch angle in degrees Fan Selector Fan Selector is the selection software for all the Fläkt Woods Fan Group products: Axial Flow Fans (among which Jet Fans for Tunnels), Centrifugal fans, Boxed Fans, Roof Extract units, Plate mounted fans. The Fan Selector allows you to choose fans which fit your required application. How to...

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Fan Selector User Account Set-up Once a user account has been created, our automatic registration system will send you an e-mail confirming your user name and password. Note: your username will be your e-mail address, so if you have a personal address this would be better than a general one (as this will allow you to personalise our software). The account set-up process normally completed between 24-48 hours after your initial password confirmation. Desktop CD Should you prefer to use the Desktop version of the software (which is locally installed onto your computer's hard drive), then this...

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Jetfoil Standard Range Range includes: • Swept back arm design for improved performance and noise reduction • Zinc galvanised or stainless steel casing • Low installed noise levels • High Energy Efficiency • Option of a silencer with or without • Mounting frame to ensure secure • Epoxy paint High Temperature Range Range includes: • HT Approved and certified motors • Additional impeller locking feature • Epoxy paint on top of galvanised finish • Bolt-on Silencers Powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for use in Construction Works Resistance to Fire class FK00I Motor rating Class F/Class...

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Performance Range - with 1D Silencers Higher thrust levels available, please enquire for further information

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Sound Pressure in free field, 45º, 10m dB(A) Blade angle Motor Pole Speed Outlet Absorbed Velocity Power m/s kW

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50Hz Truly Reversible Range 300/2H Sound Pressure in forward direction in free field, 45º, 10m dB(A) Blade angle Motor Pole Speed Outlet Absorbed Velocity Power m/s kW

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Sound Pressure in free field, 45º , 10m dB(A) Blade angle Motor Pole Speed Outlet Absorbed Velocity Power m/s kW

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BOHz Truly Reversible Range 300/2H

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HT Certification Emergency, High Temperature, Smoke Extract Fans fall within the scope of the EU Construction Products Directive. The implementation of the Construction Products Directive and the publication of the product specific standard, EN 12101-3 have made it a mandatory requirement for smoke control fans sold into the European Union to carry a CE Mark from April 1st, 2005. The CE mark may only be affixed after successful completion of testing, auditing of factory production control and the issue of a certificate by accredited independent authorities. This procedure is intended to...

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Other Accessories Mounting feet Bellmouth Inlet Spring Vibration Isolators Outline Drawings It is recommended that a Fläkt Woods frame accompany the jet fan to ensure a secure installation. Anti-vibration mounts are available for soft mounting installations.

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Outline Drawings Jet Fan with 2D Silencers OPTIO NAL ANCI LLARY OPTIONAL ANCI LLARY

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Sample Project Tunnel & Metro Reference List Country Project Algeria Algerian Road Tunnel Australia Mitcham Frankston Freeway Australia M5 East Tunnel Australia Lane Cove Austria Wske Tunnel Belgium Gare De Namur China Hu Rong Su Tunnel China Chong Qin Fang Dou Shan China Sky Pier (Tunnel 1) China Hu Nan Xue Feng Shan Tunnel Croatia Tunnel Trsat Croatia Tunnel Skurinje Croatia Mala Kapela Croatia Veliki Glozac Croatia Tunnel Bisko Croatia Tunnel Mravince Croatia Tunnel Strazina Croatia Cardak Croatia Brezovica Croatia Sveta Tri Krajla Croatia Mala Kapela Dubai Dubai International Airport...

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Fläkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. And our collective experience is unrivalled. Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efficiency. Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs Fläkt Woods is the only company in the UK capable of providing total system solutions from the following portfolio: Fans Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications....

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