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iQ Star Stella

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iQ Star Stella Energy efficient chilled beam Star by Fläkt Woods

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Flexible, comfortable and energy efficient climate for the modern office tella is our free-hanging multi-service Chilled Beam in the new iQ Star family. It is characterized by modularity, flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency. Stella is developed specifically for the high demands of the modern, dynamic office where an attractive design is equally important to cutting-edge energy saving features. Thanks to pioneering nozzle technology and smart controls, the air flow is always sufficient and adapted to just-in-time need. Stella’s modularity and the Flow Pattern Control and Energy...

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Flow Pattern Control The unique Flow Pattern Control (FPC) can direct the airflow up to 45 degrees through integrated vanes. Different directions can be set at sections of 300 mm in the beam. Stella Energy control The new flexible nozzle arrangement guarantees high indoor air quality and energy efficiency. A quiet solution even when high air flow is needed. Accessories Flexibility is increased by the numerous accessories available for iQ Star. Not only is Stella available with any equipment you need, you also have the opportunity to customize its design.

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Increased productivity and low energy costs Today, most people spend over 90 percent of their time indoors e.g. at home, in schools, at hospitals and offices. Breathing fresh indoor air is vital for our health, performance and well-being. Demand controlled ventilation provides desired ventilation based on the actual occupancy of the room. It increases indoor air quality and saves energy normally wasted in ventilating unoccupied spaces. This can be applied to areas where there are frequent changes in occupancy, such as conference rooms, board rooms, cafeterias etc. Field experience indicates...

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Pioneering nozzles Stella always provides sufficient air flow, whether the room is empty or crowded. Choose Normal, Energy Saving or Boost mode on the room controller. The new flexible nozzle arrangement guarantees high indoor air quality and energy efficiency. A quiet solution even when high air flow is needed. User-friendly controller for optimal performance The STRA-14 room controller is specifically developed for Stella. It is pre-programmed for chilled beam applications and contains a wide range of control functions including a unique three step air flow control for flexibility,...

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Flexible solutions for your changing needs The modern office is dynamic. Fast decisions in organisational changes call for a modern ventilation system that is easy to adjust to the rearrangement of people, walls and furniture and to meet the just in time need. Flexibility is an important factor for optimized indoor air quality. Office energy saving mode – 0% Airflow 0,6 dm3/s, m2 Cooling 24°C/26°C Heating 20°C/20°C Heat loads – people 0 people/m2 – lighting 0 W/m2 – equipment 0 W/m2

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IQ Chilled Beams with FPC function Highest possible efficiency can be maintained by adjusting the comfort control and air vanes! A combination of different angles on one side is possible. When increased air flow is required, the flow pattern can be adapted to maintain optimal comfort in the room! Flexibility in the office layout Good indoor air quality is possible despite organizational changes and renovations without the need to change the installation. Thanks to the functions Energy Control and Flow Pattern Control, the air flow can be rearranged to fit a new layout of a room.

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Design your own customized Stella Design is important for the indoor environment. Stella has a modern standard design, but offers the opportunity to create a unique design depending on room use and personal taste. Design and colour - you decide!

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iQ Star Stella chilled beam – cross-section Sprinkler header and pipework fitted by others Primary air beam duct entry spigot Motorized Energy Control Removable sideplate for access during installation/maintenance Heating Return Cooling Supply Cooling Return Heating Supply Beam supply air slot with FPC 22 supply and return to rear beams (optional) Area free from obstructions for up lighting Plain face central panel for sprinkler and other services Removable perforated plate for access during maintenance Plain faced infill panel between light louvres for services Luminaire with up- and down...

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iQ Star Stella chilled beam bbb = 000 Ø125 Dimensions Size Weight per meter of chilled beam Beam water filled, cooling Beam water filled, cooling and heating

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Fläkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. Air Handling Units (AHUs) Modular, compact and small AHU units. Designed to ensure optimisation of indoor air quality, operational performance and service life. Advanced axial, centrifugal and boxed fans for general and specialist applications. Comprehensive range including high temperature and ATEX compliant options. Engineered for energy efficiency and minimised life cycle cost. Air Terminal Devices and Ducts Supply and exhaust diffusers and valves for...

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