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Heat recovery unit RDKG

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Heat recovery unit RDKG TECHNICAL DATA Heat recovery unit RDKG The RDKG heat recovery unit is a component in the Minimaster/Minivent systems. The unit has a cross flow plate heat exchanger which gives good heat recovery. RDKG has built-in control equipment and can be supplied with an external control panel. It is primarily intended for homes and small commercial premises and should be installed in a warm space. All connection ducts are on the top of the unit and it is intended for wall mounting. The forced air flow of the cooker hood gives a bypass function if the unit is used in the Minimaster system. This gives a greater forced air flow and better odour extraction when cooking. Energy consumption RDKG is an energy efficient heat recovery unit that in comparison with a mechanical exhaust air ventilation system reduces energy consumption remarkably. The reduction is made through recycling of the energy of the exhaust air in the heat exchanger. The fans have AC-motors that are easily adjusted to the right speed. Up to 66% temperature efficiency Supply and exhaust air flows between 20 - 70 l/s ● Recommende for living areas up to 155 m2 ● Filters up to class F7 ● Individually adjustable fans ● Easy to install ● Service friendly ● Product code example RDKG-1-2-1-1-2 Fläkt Woods

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Heat recovery unit RDKG TECHNICAL DATA Description, material, technical data Casing The outer and inner casing are made of galvanized sheet metal with 15 mm insulation made of expanded poly­ styrene. The service hatch is secured with quick-release screws. Fans The fans have AC-motors. They are easy to remove for servicing and maintenance. The fan speed can be adjusted in nine steps independently. Available total pressure, Pa Heat exchanger The cross flow heat plate exchanger is made of aluminium with completely separate supply and exhaust air ducts. It has a temperature efficiency up to...

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Heat recovery unit RDKG TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions, electrical data, control equipment Dimensions and weight Control equipment The unit is supplied with a built-in electronic control unit that regulates the fan speed and afterheater. There is three different modes that can be chosen through the control panel (accessory): ”AWAY” ”HOME” Conn. (female) B Increased to ø125 as space permits. 298 235 Outdoor air left, supply air right is used when there is a greater need of ventilation (it will automatically return to the “HOME” mode after 120 minutes). Temperature control Outdoor air right, 595...

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Heat recovery unit RDKG TECHNICAL DATA Accessories, product code Accessories Product code Heat recovery unit with cross flow plate exchanger External control panel for wall installation. The fan speeds to select are AWAY, HOME or FORCED. The panel also shows filter alarm and can be used to adjust the air flow. Connection (a) 1 = Outdoor air right, supply air left 2 = Outdoor air left, supply air right Function type (b) 2 = Electric battery with bypass function For use in the summer when no heat recovery is normally required. Cool outdoor air can be drawn in to lower the indoor temperature,...

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