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ErP DIRECTIVE - OBJECTIVES “ErP” stands for “Energy related Products”. The associated Directive supports the aims of the EU Climate and Energy Package by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly designs (“Eco design”), in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, whilst also increasing the use of renewable energy sources within the EEA (up to 20%) by 2020. However, the main focus of the ErP directive is to increase product energy efficiencies by 20%. This ethos is also known as the “20-20-20” target. Although the ErP Directive only applies within the EEA, others often adopt...

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Enforcement Date and Impact Table 2 – 2015 ErP Targets Measurement category (A-D) Efficiency category (static or total) Test Category B - OPEN INLET AND DUCTED OUTLET Cased Axial Impeller Forward Curved Impeller OR D - DUCTED INLET AND DUCTED OUTLET Regulation 327/2011 states that products that are placed on the market, or put into service, after this date must be compliant. To place a product onto the market it must either be physically handed over or the transfer of ownership must have taken place. A product has not been placed on the market if it is held in stock by the manufacturer. If...

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The Map and Table below show and list the countries where the ErP regulation applies. Product Group Product Variant Standard Temperature JM and JMv Standard Temperature JM2 High Temperature JM and JMv Plate Mounted Axial Fans Centrifugal Fans - Plug, Forward Curved and Backward Curved Country list below shows where the ErP regulation EC 327/2011 applies: 2015 EU Countries which form part of the EEA Austria Czech Republic United Kingdom Roof Extract Units EFTA Countries (Less Switzerland): Iceland The European Economic Area (EEA) comprises three of the four member states of the European Free...

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FWG-ERP Directive-GB-2015.02.27 © Copyright 2015 Fläkt Woods Group WE BRING BETTER AIR TO LIFE With over a century of innovation and expertise to share with our customers, Fläkt Woods is a global leader in Air Technology products and solutions. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of products and solutions for Air Movement, Air Treatment, Air Distribution, Air Management and Air Diffusion with focus on two major benefits – Air Comfort and Fire Safety. With market presence in 65 countries we are in a unique position to be a local supplier and an international partner...

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