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Combi Cooler

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Combi Cooler Energy efficient cooling unit for air handling unit eQ

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The unique, straightforward and energy efficient method of generating cooling capacity for a chilled beam system Fläkt Woods’ patent pending Combi Cooler provides completely new opportunities when planning and specifying cooling systems. The Combi Cooler module can be integrated and mounted directly into the air handling unit. It is particularly suitable for use together with chilled beam systems. Cooling can be provided using chilled beams, fancoils or ceilingmounted cassette chilled beams. Requires little space As the Combi Cooler replaces other components, such as liquid coolers and...

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The Combi Cooler saves up to 40% energy Systems using the Combi Cooler reduce energy consumption so that a cooling capacity of 100 kW is obtained with 21.5 kW instead of 35 kW. Climate change and energy consumption are our shared responsibility. For many years, product development at Fläkt Woods has aimed at constantly improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our e³ products and systems are a good example of our success. IIn business and office spaces, lighting, apparatus and people all represent a heat load. So for an even and comfortable room temperature of 21–24°C, the need...

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The Combi Cooler cools the supply air and produces cold water for room-based cooling Combi Coolers The Combi Cooler, when integrated in the air handling unit, avoids separate air coolers and condensing units. It therefore offers a small footprint and is particularly suitable for use together with chilled beams. Air Handling Units Our comprehensive Air Handling Unit offering allows us to deliver optimised solutions for any customer. Our R&D work focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete air handling system solutions with controls. Our experience in the marine,...

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Chilled Beams In systems with Chilled Beams, the indoor air is cooled by means of cold water. Chilled beams create a stable and comfortable environment by supplying draught free cooling. By using Chilled Beams up to 75% of the total cooling capacity will be handled by the water. Apart from the energy saving it also means less ductwork for air, smaller air handling units and lower noise. The Combi Cooler is the result of new approaches in planning and specifying of cooling systems The supply air temperature is slightly higher than usual in the Combi Cooler, and most of the cooling capacity...

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If you have a small or medium cooling requirement, choose a Combi Cooler Shopping centres Combi Cooler is suitable for buildings where the cooling need is max. 50 W/m2. This is often enough for offices and business premises. Small industrial units Business premises Refurbishment projects

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Technical data Weight (excl. casing) Output variant Smart product selection tool for calculation In Fläkt Woods’ product selection tool you will find product dimensions, technical data, LCC-calculations, technical catalogues, directions for installation, adjustment and maintenance. ACON, our computer-aided selection tool for air handling units,offers rapid selection to specific project requirements and provides you with all the information you will need. The program is web based and always up-to date without the need to download patches or program updates. • Product dimensions • Technical...

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Fläkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air climate and air movement solutions. And our collective experience is unrivalled. FWG - Combi Cooler for eQ GB 2010.06-8956 © Copyright 2010 Fläkt Woods Group Our constant aim is to provide systems that precisely deliver required function and performance, as well as maximise energy efficiency. Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs Fläkt Woods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and...

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