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Centrimaster GT-1

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Direct-driven, Single-inlet Centrifugal Fans The type GT CENTRIMASTER direct driven, singleinlet centrifugal fans cover air flows up to 7 m3/s and pressure rises up to 2.000 Pa. The fan series consists of centrifugal fans available with two types of impeller: – Impeller with forward-curved blades for the GTLF fans. – Impeller with backward-curved blades for the GTLB fans. Specifications are subject to alteration without notice

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Versions Besides the normal version, the fans are also available in a spark-proof version. The smoke extraction version of GT has been tested by the French CTICM institute and by the Russian VNIIPO institute. CTICM has tested the fans for +400 °C, 2 hours and the tests cover GTLB-1-025–071 as well as GTLF-1031–050. VNIIPO has tested the fans for +400 °C, 2 hours and for +600 °C, 1 hour and the tests cover all single inlet GT-fans. The fans in the spark-proof version conform to the provisions of German Standard VDMA 24 169 3.1 – 3.2 and 3.4. The inlet cone is made of brass and in the GTLF...

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General Survey Charts Specifications are subject to alteration without notice

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The fan casing is made of Sendzimir galvanised sheet steel. The casing side plates are stamped in one piece and the inlets are deep-pressed in the end walls. The fan casing is jointed by the "Pittsburg folding method" which produces tight, strong joints. This jointing method and the deep-pressed inlets guarantee a stable design and high, consistent quality. The fan tongue has been specially designed to offer optimised aerodynamic properties. The design of the fan inlet is of vital importance to high fan efficiency and a low level of sound generated by the fan. On the size GTLF fans, the...

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Materials and Finish, Motor – Tolerances and Quality Materials and Finish The GX fans in the standard version meet the provisions of Environmental Class M2. Fan casing: Inlet cone: The particulars in the charts are given with the tolerance specified in the DIN 24 166 Standard, Class 2. Sendzimir galvanised sheet steel, (275 g/ m2 thick zinc) Shaft power demand*, P: A-weighted sound power level*, LWA: +3 dB GTLB: Sheet steel, welded, coated with 60 mm epoxy powder and baked, colour: AM8043, dark grey. GTLF: Sendzimir galvanised steel. Centreless-ground steel with anti-corrosion protection....

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