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Catalog excerpts

SITE INTEGRATION Site integration is a vital element in the design of a home and we will help you perfectly position your future Faberhaus within your land: access points, garage and exterior design. We pay detailed attention to the orientation of the building on the grounds in order to reap the most benefits from the energy of the sun. The dominant winds and intimacy are other elements taken into account. the track of the sun The roof overhang, sun screens and trees are used to cut the strong rays of the summer sun. The more combined trees there are, the less window surface will be exposed to the low rays of the western sun which prevents the house from overheating in the summer. the flow of the winds Conifers will be strategically placed to cut the dominant or northern winds to protect the house. The street side entry is ideally placed north, east or west to keep the intimacy on the window filled southern side. The external living space faces the interior living spaces allowing an organic link between inside and outside. the south side yard

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