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Noise reduction is a source of constant research at Faber: to guarantee a silent cooker hood, our methods range from the use of special materials to advanced fluid dynamics studies and the creation of advanced sound-proofing systems that reduce noise by 7 to 13 decibels. Standard hood Hood with Silk SM Hood with Silk ACT

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SILK-SM, PASSIVE NOISE REDUCTION Sil-K SM is a passive soundproofing system able to reduce noise by 7 dB(A). The system has a duct in front of the diffuser that is soundproofed using sound-absorbing material able to absorb the noise generated. The melamine sound-absorbing material does not absorb water or oil and can be easily removed for regular cleaning. Extraction performance remains unchanged compared to a traditional hood. Hoods featuring the Sil-K system must only be installed in ducted mode. Non-turbulent laminated air flow Thanks to the unique shape of the sound absorbent wedges,...

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SILK-ACT, ACTIVE NOISE REDUCTION FABER is the first company in the sector to implement active noise reduction on its appliances, developing a system capable of recording the noise generated and consequently creating a complementary wave form that cancels out the original wave, thereby eliminating noise. The system comprises a microphone that detects the noise, an electronic system capable of generating the inverse wave and a loudspeaker that emits the inverse wave. This technology obtains an excellent and two-fold result: a 13 dB(A) noise reduction coupled with a change in the sound...

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SILK-ACT - TOP PERFORMANCE Sil-K ACT reduces the noise level particularly between 2000 and 4000 Hz, which is the most audible frequency band to the human ear. Stilo hood Silk-ACT Microphone: it detects the noise Loudspeaker: it emits the inverse wave

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Due to its location, it is not always possible to install a hood using the ducting method. In addition to this, we are increasingly seeing low ecological impact homes requiring a balanced flow of incoming and outgoing air: in these homes, the use of filter hoods is compulsory, preventing the escape of warm air from the property during cold seasons. To meet these requirements FABER has developed high performance filtering systems that are able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding installations and consumers. PASSIVE FILTERING ACTIVE FILTERING “Passive” filtering systems use active...

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HFH is a highly effective, exclusive Faber active carbon filtering system. When compared to traditional “flat”shaped filters, the cylindrical filter provides a large surface area, thus enhancing the air flow obstruction: in this way, the odour particles remain in contact with the active carbon particles for longer and are captured more efficiently. The filtering material itself is manufactured in a unique way, comprising two panels with differing porosity and active carbon concentration. The first layer processes the larger particles and facilitates the task of the second panel, which then...

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TECHNOLOGY ^ FILTERING HFH Major advantages: - High filtering efficiency: 95%. - High long-term performance: the filter's saturation time is long, thanks to the high amount of active carbon present. - Filter washable by up to 5 times, with limited loss of performance. - Straightforward maintenance, in merely three steps. Maintenance is highly straightforward: the cylindrical shape allows for easily removing the filtering material which can then be washed in the dishwasher.

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HFH Suction zone Fix chimney not adjustable in H Filtering zone (Cylindrical CA filter) The cylindrical mat maximises the surface area. Inside, there are two layers of “nanosorb” filter material: - 1 x 1 cm layer of polyurethane foam loaded with active carbon granules. - 1 x 6 mm layer of polyurethane foam loaded with active carbon flakes

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PLASMA What is plasma: Alongside the solid, liquid and gaseous states, in nature we find a fourth state of matter known as plasma. It basically consists of gas particles ionised through electric fields. Whereas on earth plasma is relatively rare (if we exclude lightning and aurora borealis), it constitutes around 99% of the of known matter in the universe: the sun, stars and nebulae are all made of plasma. How does it work: Domaplasma®* generates an electric field capable of activating an oxidisation process of all the organic particles contained in cooking fumes, including any...

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PLASMA The organic odour molecules become electrically charged as they pass over an electric field and are broken down into oxygen (pure air), carbon dioxide and water. Chemical reactions Odours, fat, oils, vapours Bacteria, fungal spores, allergens and viruses Pure restcomponents Electrical discharge Final purification

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A cooker hood must be beautiful but, above all, effective: our motors and illumination systems guarantee maximum performance at all times. The brushless motor guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficacy. It is the most silent motor on the market and its performance remains stable in any usage condition. PRO extraction unit - Aspirates up to 1000 m3/h and is extremely quiet at normal speeds. Energy Diffuser - Reduces noise up to 3dB(A) and higher hood efficiency by 30% even in the presence of a long air outlet. Velo LEDlight - Guarantees pleasant and diffused...

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The brushless motor guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficacy: -85% power consumption (kW/h) at medium-low speeds and -35% consumption (kW/h) at high speeds. It is the most silent motor on the market and its performance remains stable at all speeds and conditions. BENEFITS: ENERGY SAVING Up to 80% less consumption VS Std motors HIGH PERFORMANCE 1.000 m3/h free blowing LOW NOISE Less noisy motor available in the market STABLE PERFORMANCE Independent from power supply

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TECHNOLOGY ^ EFFECTIVENESS LED LIGHT Regulations for cookerhoods light are more strict than the ones for ambient lights. Since the conditions under a hood are tougher than normal ambient lamps, mainly because of the heat and vapours generated by cooking, the quality of cooker hoods LEDs is by far higher than the standard ambient lights. - Very low energy consumption. - Great light diffusion and heat dissipation. - Different shapes to better adapt to all the hood typologies. - Longer lifespan. - Cold to the touch. IEC compliance (normative 60335 / home appliances)

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