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FIP ENGLISH 2015 - 18 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Your European manufacturer of steel sheet piles Europe ONE STOP manufacturer of steel sheet piles Manufactured and Designed to ISO 9001 Certification

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Our business is to help you find and buy a better and more efficient Steel Sheet Pile system that meets your needs for less money .

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“FIP (Fabbrica Italiana Palancole srl)” is a European leader in manufacturing Cold Formed Sheet Piles with production facilities in Northern Italy . We have now an installed capacity of 80.000 tons per year. Since its beginnings in 2007, FIP has been growing fast and is now appreciated as ONE STOP supplier of steel sheet piles solutions by many companies around the world. Our business is to help you find and buy a better and more efficient Sheet Pile system that meets your needs for less money . Our organization is formed by a committed and dedicated sales team and engineering professionals able...

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What sets FIP apart? You can customize your order One of our competitive advantages is our ability to produce piling to the exact length of your specification. Even if you ordered 10 different sections of sheet pilings in dozens of different lengths , you could have your order on the job site in 2-3 weeks. You can place smaller orders easier As manufacturers, we do handle the largest of sheet piling orders, no order is taken "lightly". At FIP , we feel you shouldn't be given attitude if you don't need a large tonnage of steel at standard lengths. Our highest degree of service and commitment goes...

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Cold formed Sheet Piles solutions Safe, Economical, Dependable Cold Formed Steel Sheet Pile vs. Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile Worldwide cold formed steel sheet pile is set to overtake and out-produce hot rolled steel sheet pile in harbors, shipyards, docks, and water treatment plants from Europe to Asia and North America. Since cold formed steel sheet pile was introduced over thirty years ago, there are now over a dozen mills producing cold formed steel sheet pile worldwide compared to a half dozen hot rolled mills worldwide. Over a million tons of permanent and temporary projects have been supplied...

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sheet piles • Construction of docks and ports • Protection of rivers banks and channels • Protection of construction pits in soil and water • Bridge embankments • Retaining walls • Underground parking • Underpasses, ramps and tunnels • Slope protection • Environmental protection and rubbish dumps • Noise barriers • Enclosure of contaminated soils • Civil and industrial sites • Civil defense • Military engineering

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PRODUCTS We produce an extensive range of cold formed piles with the unique ability to vary the thickness along their length. Our reputation for quality and value for money stems from our fully integrated procurement, manufacturing and delivery service The quality level of our sheet piles is guaranteed by many series of certificates. FIP is ISO 9001 and CE certified and its products are in accordance with European Standards EN 10249-1 and EN 10249-2 FIP offers complimentary, professional advice regarding selection and application of all sheet piles manufactured. Cost Efficiency without compromises

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Elastic section modulus Width b Cross sectional area Weight Single pile Sheet pile Single Sheet pile Single

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This is a type of sheet pile with a thicker flange. The table below shows some of the possible combinations of thickness available. Peso Palancola singola Momento d’inerzia Muro Palancola Singola Doppia W – Modulo elastico Muro Palancola Singola Doppia

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Your European manufacturer of steel sheet piles Singola Doppia Tripta SU piles normally require a minimum order quantity of 200MT.

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Combined walls with CRU Box Piles 1/1 Type of reinforcement The reinforcement may be: total length: reinforcement 1/1 1/3 partial length: reinforcement 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 1/2 1/3 1/4 Elastic Elastic Elastic Elastic Moment of Moment of Moment of Moment of Weight section Weight section Weight section Weight section inertia inertia inertia inertia modulus modulus modulus modulus kg/m2

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Combined wall with tubular piles In this combined wall, the retaining elements, carrying horizontal and vertical loads, are the tubular piles. A triple, factory-welded RU pile transfers horizontal loads to the tubular pile. Connection between the triple pile and the tubular is provided by an interlock, welded lengthwise along the tubular. Pile Thickness Tubular pile with triple RU95 piles Weight 60% columns “weight 60%” and “weight 100%” refer respectively to the case where the pile length is 60% (or 100%) of the tubular The following table details the result of different pile-tubular combinations....

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Combined wall with H beams King pile (HExxx + RUxxxW) Combination king pile W with triple sheet pile In combined walls with H beams, an RU sheet pile is welded onto an H beam, the resulting pile being sometimes called a “king pile”. A triple, factory-welded RU pile transfers horizontal loads to the “king pile”. This combination has the additional advantage of offering protection from corrosion for the beam. The H beam can be welded to the inner face of the pile, as shown above, or to the outer face, as shown in the following page. Here are several possible combinations. Sectional area Elastic...

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ACCRU/RU Units ( Z section type ) l ACCRU This is a unit studied explicitly as a replacement for the “Z-section” hot- or cold-formed sheet piles. Without any increase in weight, this unit reaches higher values of moment of inertia and of elastic section modulus, yet maintaining the typical advantages U-sections enjoy over Z-sections: easy driving, excellent statics properties due to large flange thickness, easy fixing of tie-rods and swiveling attachments, even under water, ease of re-use thanks to the symmetrical form. Elastic section modulus Single unit Single unit Single unit

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Special sections Fabbrica Italiana Palancole produces a lot of special sections. We can provide corner sheet piles (see picture). RU piles are bent in the middle of the flange, normally at a 90°, but different angles can be provided up on request. We also deliver widened or narrowed sheet piles to fulfil the working plan. Sheet piles can be supplied factory-welded, for instance, for the sake of improved watertigthtedness. Due to the presence of the handling holes close to one end of the piles, two sheetpiles can be welded together in the “S” or “Z” shape. We’d like to remark that our sheet piles...

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