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Walling Solutions - 24 Pages

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Walling Solutions
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Catalogue excerpts

Precast Concrete Solutions. walling solutions retaining walls brochure

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FP McCann is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include: Drainage and Water Management Solutions Tunnel and Shaft Solutions Rail, Power and Infrastructure Solutions Walling Solutions Fencing Solutions Rooms and Building Solutions Agricultural Solutions Flooring Solutions Bespoke specialist precast product service Modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Cadeby (Warwickshire), Ellistown (Leicestershire), Grantham (Lincolnshire), Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland), Littleport...

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FP McCann combines and co-ordinates the design, manufacturing and expertise of over 65 years in Bell & Webster Concrete and over 30 years in Milbury Systems, to deliver high quality precast concrete products at competitive prices. The Concrete Force The Concrete Force defines our relentless drive to continually improve on our own expectations while exceeding yours, ensuring we add value to your project. Concrete Relationships We believe in working with you as a partner from the start, which means offering our expertise in designing and manufacturing precast concrete to suit your individual project...

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Rocket Walls Manufactured to ISO quality and environmental standards: FP McCann Rocket Walls are high quality, freestanding, precast • ISO 14001 environmental standards includes rainwater concrete unit. They are designed to be sited on an existing concrete floor harvesting, waste and water recycling slab or foundation and bolted down using fixing bolts to prevent move- • 30% lower raw material content than typical alternatives ment, for improved site safety and maximum efficiency. • ISO 9001 delivers quality assurance FP McCann Rocket Walls meet BS8110. It is this uniqueness that makes Simply...

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1 Position, line and level wall units on continuous mortar bed both sides. Strike mortar off flush. 2 Drill 16mm diameter holes 125mm deep into base slab, using holes in unit as pilots. 3 Insert 16mm screw bolts with plate washer into each hole then tighten to 100N/m torque. 4 Using non-shrink mortar and a trowel, fill recess and strike off flush. 5 Leave to cure for a minimum of 48 hours before loading. Pr lift opr at ing ieta ry fo tach (c r fo me r a su n b klif nt pp e t lie d) Guidelines for offloading Units should be offloaded and stacked upon timber bearers. Offloading and installation...

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rocket walls corner units

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• Fast and easy installation • No protruding foot • Easy to move for resitting • Ideal for bunkers and division walls • Self-shedding units – prevents the lodging of stored material • Flexible layout opportunities integrates with our standard retaining wall units • Corner units available • Load one side or both • Forklift attachment available to aid and speed lifting Load share connector Rubbing Plate

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The precast L-Wall units are ideal for forming both retaining and containing structures in residential, commercial, industrial and waste The foundation requirements should be determined by a qualified engineer. Units placed on a concrete foundation should be bedded on mortar and wedged to attain correct alignment. FP McCann recommend that L wall units are suitably anchored to the foundation. L-Wall units are an ideal product where speed of installation is nescessary. They offer a fast, cost effective solution to constructing retaining and containing developments. Standards sizes range from 1m...

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L walls straight units Standard Sizes The loading 18 kN/m3 is approximately a bulk density of 1800 kg/m3 Weight straight unit 394 kg 631 kg 761 kg 890 kg 1316 kg 1740 kg 2596 kg Weight corner unit(s) 686 kg 1046 kg 1230 kg 1400 kg 2600 kg 2070 kg sections 1 & 2 2460 kg 2532 kg sections 1&2 sections 3&4 Minimum Embedment Anchor Foundation Length No. & T ype Unit (mm) (mm) (mm) 125 125 125 125 200 200 200 200 200 Units are delivered laid down on their edge and are fitted with 2No. recessed lifting anchors. Quick release loops (1) and erection shackles (2, 3 & 4) are available for purchase to use...

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fpmccann walling Technical helpline

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fpmccann walling Technical helpline 3750mm high earner unit V$ SECTION \ [Si 2 appmtle handl

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Large range of sizes available Anchors comprise of 4no. H.20 high yield deformed bars with nominal Quick and easy installation penetration of 150mm both into the foundation and the unit, used with Create storage bays without imposing a load to the building frame two part resin mortar (as for retaining walls) in accordance with the Can retain material on both sides manufacturer’s instructions. Retain material up to 18KN/m3 1. Position the T-Walls onto the concrete foundation an align using a T-Wall units are an ideal product where speed of installation is necessary. cement mortar bed and shims...

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Standard Sizes and Unit Dimensions dia holes in stem and base

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Easi-Bloc is a precast concrete block, offering solutions where limited space is available for containment. Blocs are simplistic in design allowing for effortless handling and speed of installation. Easi-Bloc comes in two sizes making them ideal for a variety of applications. Applications Ideal for a variety of uses to include: • Segregation • Temporary road blocks • Security barricades • Storage bays • Agricultural bays suitable for grain, silage etc • Earth Retention • Aggregate bays • Partition walling • Landscaping • Waterways • Highways • Shoreline Defences Features • Cost effective • Easy...

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prestressed horizontal panels Horizontal Panels Instant concrete walling that offers efficient installation with the fu- FP McCann prestressed panels are highly resistant to accidental ture-proof option of re-siting if required. damage, as they have the ability to flex on impact when normal block walls would crack. Panels are easily removed and re-sited with FP McCann instant walling concrete panels are the ideal solution for existing farm plant. Panels are easily removed and re-sited providing the progressive farm where the adaptability of buildings is important. flexibility to change a configuration...

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