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FP McCann Precast Concrete Pipes - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Precast Concrete Solutions. drainage & water management pipes Brochure

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FP McCann is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include: Drainage and Water Management Solutions Tunnel and Shaft Solutions Rail, Power and Infrastructure Solutions Walling Solutions Fencing Solutions Agricultural Solutions Rooms Solutions Flooring Solutions Specialist Precast Solutions Modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Cadeby (Warwickshire), Ellistown (Leicestershire), Grantham (Lincolnshire), Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland), Littleport (Cambridgeshire), Lydney...

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Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage The benefits of drainage and water management may be measured through a variety of elements. It has the versatility to meet project challenges head-on and can easily handle heavy-duty applications, detailed streetscape designs and sympathetic conservation schemes. In addition, advantages include excellent physical performance, pleasing aesthetic appearance, reconstitution abilities and overall life-long cost-effectiveness.

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spigot and socket pipes FP McCann offers an extensive range of spigot and socket pipes in a variety of diameters and lengths to meet our customers’ project requirements. All our Spigot and Socket pipes are designed to meet the British Standard BS 5911 1:2002+A2:2010 Concrete pipes and ancillary concrete products. Specification for unreinforced and reinforced concrete pipes (including jacking pipes) and fittings with flexible joints (complementary to BS EN 1916:2002). Easi-Flex Standard Pipes Nominal Size Effective Length Approx. Weight Approx. Pipes per load Chamber Ring to suit Crushing Strengths Maximum...

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C Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage Easi-Flex Socket Butt Pipes Nominal Size Effective Length

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spigot and socket pipes Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage Easi-Flex PVC Uni-junction (Ex-NI) All junctions are to be fitted on their side. Junctions are not designed for vertical surface compaction and need to be surrounded in concrete. Suitable for connecting to PVC pipe only (EN1401) Pipes should only be joined using an FP McCann approved lubricant

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Easi-Slide Standard Pipes (Wet-Cast Ex-Alnwick) Easi-slide Right Angle (90°) Reduced Junction Easi-Slide Spigot/Socket Butt Pipes Easi-Slide Rocker Pipes (Wet-Cast Ex-Alnwick) Nominal Size DN 1800 2100 2400 Nominal Size DN 1800 2100 2400 Internal Diameter A 1830 2076 2380 Internal Diameter A 1830 2076 2380 Barrel Diameter B 2140 2410 2750 Barrel Diameter B 2140 2410 2750 Effective Length C 1250 1250 1250 Effective Length C 1250 1250 1250 Fastfits Available 150mm Super sleeve made to order their side. Junctions are not designed for vertical surface

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easi-slide pipes Easi-slide Oblique (45°) Reduced Junction (Wet-Cast Ex-Alnwick) Nominal Size Branch Supersleve B 100 100 100 Branch Supersleve Effective Length Approx. Weight Easi-Slide Spigot Butt Pipes Nominal Size Internal Diameter Barrel Diameter Effective Length C 1250 1250 1250 Approx. Weight Easi-Slide Two Piece Bends (Wet-Cast Ex-Alnwick) Nominal Size Internal Diameter A 1830 2076 2380 Angle θ° 11.25 Note: All junctions are to be fitted on their side. Junctions are not designed for vertical surface compaction. 08

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easi-slide handling instructions Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage Easi-slide Lifting Chains Nominal size Ensure the tension is even. Medium Duty Chain Set 3 Heavy Duty Chain Set Do not use Lubricants when jointing Easi-Slide Pipes. Ensure each pipe to be laid is aligned with the laid pipeline and is fully supported along its length. Recommended method of joining pipes is shown below. *Only suitable for Lifting not Jointing Handling/Lifting Instructions Easi-Lift joint Pipe Diameters DN1800 to DN2400 are designed and manufactured to incorporate Easi-Lift jointing and lifting...

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integral sealing system Rubber seal on socket of pipe Polystyrene covers to be removed from new pipes before use FP McCann supply an extensive range of • Reliable Joints precast concrete flexible jointed pipes from • Watertight Joints • Simplified Jointing • Long, Reliable Service Life FP McCann flexible jointed pipes are The Integral Sealing System is a system in manufactured and tested in accordance which the seal forms an integrated part of the pipe joint. The position of the sealing ring is kitemarked accordingly. By utilising high fixed in the socket, which guarantees water- frequency vibration...

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easi-flex anchor system Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage FP McCann pipes from DN1350 should be handled using our purpose designed Easi-Flex Anchor System. Special lifting Anchors can be cast into pipes at manufacture. A Universal Head Link (Available from FP McCann) can then be hooked onto the exposed anchor heads to lift the pipe. Use the equal lengths (1 & 2) for lifting the pipe. Join the longer chain (3) onto the pipe already laid and place the shorter length (2) onto the hook. When Lifting ≥45° Inclined pull only The pipe can then be jointed without moving the jib of...

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Technical helpline 01530 240000 fpmccann.co.uk/drainage mechanical concrete pipe lifter Fit a Pipe Lifter to your excavator and you can lay concrete pipes in around half the time with less cost and less hassle – but with greater safety. Safer. No operative needed on vehicle during off loading or in trench during pipe laying. Easier. Simple to use. No special equipment & minimal training required. Faster. Around 50% saving on installation time. Cheaper. Fewer operatives plus greater productivity. The Concrete Pipe Lifter makes light work of the installation of waste water pipelines. Simply attach...

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A.T.O. (air test only) inflatable pipe stopper Size Range to fit concrete pipes from 300mm to 600mm (larger sizes available upon request) Product Name: A.T.O. Inflatable Pipe Stopper (Air Test Only). Patent No. GB2361283. Registered Trade Mark No.2299965. Product Function: To create an air tight seal in concrete pipes for joint testing to a back pressure of 4”/100mm U Gauge, as required by British Standards. Product Design: All Pipe Stoppers are test and blank ends with an inflatable outer ring and soft central membrane, 5mm closed cell sealing surface, car wheel type - 1/4” BSP female valve for...

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