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Agricultural Solutions - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Precast Concrete Solutions. agricultural solutions agriculture brochure

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FP McCann is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include: Drainage and Water Management Solutions Tunnel and Shaft Solutions Rail, Power and Infrastructure Solutions Walling Solutions Fencing Solutions Agricultural Solutions Rooms Solutions Flooring Solutions Specialist Precast Solutions Modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Cadeby (Warwickshire), Ellistown (Leicestershire), Grantham (Lincolnshire), Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland), Littleport (Cambridgeshire), Lydney...

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Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture FP McCann (Milbury Systems) have been supplying the agricultural industry with quality precast concrete solutions for over 60 years. Today FP McCann continues to supply our agricultural range including solutions for livestock dairy buildings, bulk storage such as grain, crops, fertilizer, slurry storage, silage, retaining and much more. We deliver to any part of the UK and Ireland, meeting your requirements with affordable and safe solutions. Agriculture remains as the driving force behind our quality and service in our precast products....

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spigot and socket pipes grain & crop storage Prestressed Concrete Horizontal Panels the precast units are bolted to an existing level floor using Excalibur The versatility of FP McCann Horizontal Panels make them ideal for bolts into pre-drilled holes and grouting over then sealing the joints. creating flexible storage bays of all sizes with a range of thicknesses Rocket Walls® can also be re-sited after the grain has been removed (120mm, 160mm & 200mm). Our prestressing process provides enor- with relative ease giving the option to reuse the storage area for alter- mous strength over a precast...

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Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture silage panels One of the most enduring panels FP McCann produce is that which is a supply only basis conforming to all relevant standards and regula- used for storing silage. FP McCann recommend a variety of panels for silage and can tailor the Precast L-Wall units are an effective solution for silage clamps and are products depending on your individual requirements. Silage panels are produced in heights from 1m up to 3.75m. They can be loaded one made from high quality pre-stressed concrete designed in accordance side or both sides and...

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slurry stores FP McCann slurry panels are made from high quality pre-stressed to minimise jetting allow the liquid to transfer via a perimeter gully to a concrete designed in accordance with BS5502. holding/settlement tank. Separation of the liquids and solids can make handling easier and is particularly useful if low volume irrigation through Key Features and Benefits: • Above and below ground options • Tongue and groove joints for easy alignment and sealing • Access to store with machinery • Choice of ways to handle slurry Where possible slurry would normally be pushed over a retaining wall...

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Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture dairy systems Ever since cows were first housed, the effective removal of the manure, slurry and the cleanliness of the cows have been primary objectives. • Cleanliness and comfort of cows and building The FP McCann Slatted Cubicle Building comes close to achieving this • Provide adequate slurry storage • Low running costs • Low maintenance FP McCann prestressed concrete stock walling is ideal for containing livestock providing a smooth surface for quick wash down. Stock wall • More economical use of space: no external slurry stores and panels...

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cattle slats FP McCann design and manufacture a range of agricultural cattle slats, Features of FP McCann Cattle Slats: ideal for use over slurry channels, underground tanks and as part of a • Alex bearing load of 4.5 tonnes suspended floor system. All cattle slat products are manufactured in ac- • Edges designed to prevent injury to cattle cordance with BS 5502 and ISO 9001, ensuring that quality; durability and • Tapered/smooth sides to allow easy access for slurry tank animal welfare are at the heart of design and manufacture. • Excellent space to surface ratio • One-man operation for safe...

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Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture livestock buildings Prestressed Concrete Livestock panels are an ideal, hygienic solution for containing all types of livestock. 80mm thick prestressed panels are lightweight and quick to install while providing superior strength to withstanding impact load from livestock. The prestressed manufacturing process provides in built strength and resilience; whilst using less concrete resulting in a better engineered and more cost effective solution. Key Features and Benefits • The panels are all manufactured to BS-8110 standard • Cast in fixing...

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prestressed horizontal panels Horizontal Panels Instant concrete walling that offers efficient installation with the fu- FP McCann prestressed panels are highly resistant to accidental dam- ture-proof option of re-siting if required. age, as they have the ability to flex on impact when normal block walls would crack. Panels are easily removed and re-sited with FP McCann instant walling concrete panels are the ideal solution for the existing farm plant. Panels are easily removed and re-sited providing progressive farm where the adaptability of buildings is important. They flexibility to change...

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Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture

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prestressed vertical cantilever panels Technical helpline 01594 847500 fpmccann.co.uk/agriculture Vertical Cantilevers The FP McCann Prestressed Vertical Cantilever Panel system Where vertical cantilever panels are designed for wind only, such as a provides the user with more a cost time efficient system when security wall or fire wall, effective eights of up to 7.50m can be achieved. comparing against a traditional on site in situ wet-cast system. The units are cast as standard with a Class A steel mould finish to one FP McCann Prestressed Verticular Panels allow greater strength in a side and...

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