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Catalogue excerpts


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ECCO products is a Belgian developer and manufacturer of innovative and user-friendly products with high added value for both the private and public sectors, and wishes to be a trendsetter at the European level. ECCOproducts constantly analyses the market and is always furthering its development of intelligent products. We keep the entire process flow in-house (from development to sales) and can therefore apply stringent quality parameters ourselves. For the distribution of our products, we rely on a selective network of dealers that market our products all over Europe. This commercial network...

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THE STRONG GRAVEL GRID UNIQUE SELLING POINTS + in HDPE: high compressive strength, Sheet high impact value and frost resistant. Increased resistance against torsional loads due to plastic reinforcements between the cells. + Increased resistance against torsional loads due to additional plastic reinforcements between the cells APPLICATIONS WITHOUT CARS 1. Surface layer (gravel) 1 cm 2. Gravel sheet ECCOgravel® 3. Levelling layer (max. 15 cm) APPLICATIONS WITH CARS 1. Surface layer (gravel) 1 to 2 cm 2. Gravel sheet ECCOgravel® 3. Levelling layer (5 cm) 4. Sub-base (25 cm) + Polyester geotextile:...

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Honeycomb grid A thicker grid offers a better distribution across the substrate. ECCOGRAVEL DOUBLE ECCOGRAVEL DOUBLE Levelling layer The levelling layer can consist of: • sieved sand • limestone or porphyry 2-4 mm, 1-3 mm, 0-4 mm 4 Sub-base Limestone rubble, porphyry rubble or broken concrete rubble (0-32 mm or 0-40 mm). We do not recommend brick rubble, as this is ultimately pulverised

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ECCOGRAVEL (3/4) / 06 /APPLICATIONS • Driveways •    Parking areas •    Garden paths • Terraces • Footpaths

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ACCESSORIES/MISCELLANEA ECCOgravel is also available in black. + for using darker coloured gravel types, Ideal + Such as basalt. PARKING PLACE MARKER The ideal solution for demarcating your parking place. Available in white or black. Diameter: ø 85 mm

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HIGH-QUALITY BORDERS UNIQUE SELLING POINTS +    Easy to use +    Fast and easy installation + Flexible: right angles and wavy forms are possible + Low maintenance + Doubled-up top edge for maximum safety + Produced with high-quality materials + Available in 2 versions: Galvanised steel 1.2 mm and Corten steel 1.5 mm APPLICATIONS Border of: Lawn Vegetable garden • Flowerbed •    Paved surfaces    • DIMENSIONS l x w x h (in cm) Galvanised: 240 x 0.12 x 8 Corten: 240 x 0.15 x 8 Height of pickets: 43 cm

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The basic borders are designed to provide a beauti- ful finish to garden paths, terraces, flowerbeds and lawns in a simple, fast and aesthetic manner. They are characterised by flexibility. Basic borders are both flexible and firm; they can be bent into 90° corners as well as wavy forms. They are available in Corten steel and galvanised steel. Hammer pickets into the ground Tap headpiece unto the picket Attach 4 border to headpiece using 2 self-drilling screws Interlink borders using the supplied nuts and 5 bolts 6 Repeat steps 2 through 5

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2 // Delta: sleek, high-quality borders with a solid base UNIQUE SELLING POINTS + Solid concrete base that ensures sleekly shaped borders + Long lifespan + Low maintenance + Convenient installation + Lots of possibilities for combinations + Available in 2 versions: Stainless steel and Corten steel

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APPLICATIONS 20 mm width Suitable for aft areas on which no driving takes place, such as: •    Garden path borders •    Pond edges • Terrace borders • Flower bed and lawn borders 50 mm width Suitable for all areas, including ones on which driving takes pface, such as: • Driveway borders • Parking area borders • Access road borders

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1 // ECCOfence KIT: a professional construction kit ACCESSORIES/OPTIONAL COMPONENTS UNIQUE SELLING POINTS +    Professional "all-in-one" construction kit +    Matching Kit Bags available + Easy assembly thanks to enclosed layout plan + installation video + Easy to customise + Little loss of space due to narrow width + Suspended installation possible + Subtle transition between gabions + Avaialble in 4 heights + All nuts and bolts included. + Additional reinforcements for maximum safety

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-:: fSeT : «hj: I r-H, I W5H APPLICATIONS • Barriers • Terraces • Retaining watts • Publicity • Partition watt Base 90°: to create corners using the ECCOfence KIT. Raising supports: especially designed to compensate for 5% differences in heights with the ECCOfence KIT system, such as in the case of an inclined driveway. 3 Side for aesthetic finish: for each height, a finishing piece is optionally available. This may be used, for example to finish the wall at any KIT height in a way that leaves the stones visible on the side.

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INSTALLATION Base Option 1: Installation on a concrete ring beam measuring 50 cm in width and at least 30 cm in depth (350 kg cement/m³ ). The poured concrete is always cast on the load-bearing substrate. Option 2: Placement on plinths that are poured on the spot using poured concrete. Dimensions plinth: 50 x 50 x 50 cm Depth: from load-bearing substrate Installation video Use this link to watch the correct way of installing ECCOfence KIT

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200 cm DIMENSIONS The ECCOfence KIT is standard 201 cm long and 20 cm wide, various heights are available: With a total height of 50 cm (including 9-cm suspended part) 2    ECCOfence KIT 100: with a total height of 100 cm (including 9-cm suspended part) 3    ECCOfence KIT 150: with a total height of 150 cm [including 9-cm suspended part) ECCOfence KIT 200: with a total height of 200 cm (including 9-cm suspended part) The above photo depicts installation using optional finishing mesh. The standard ECCOfence KIT includes two galvanised, full grids.

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3 // ECCOfence ALUBOX: trendy aluminium gabion UNIQUE SELLING POINTS + Professional construction kit + On-site assembly and filling possible +    Easy assembly + Little loss of space due to narrow width +    Design look thanks to aluminium +    Choice between different finishes + Multiple applications: benches, partitions,... APPLICATIONS • Barriers • Terraces • Publicity • Partition wall • Garden bench/garden table (due to aluminium surface profile)

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