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The new theme in the precast concrete industry: The automated production of multi-layered concrete elements - 4 Pages

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Issue bauma Automation Your full service provider for the Precast Industry new Company group strengthened Modern residential estate in Tallinn, Estonia, constructed with sandwich walls Decisive solutions for sustainable construction Thermal insulation, climate-friendly construction, more efficient production: New demands require new solutions. Flexibility through automation in the production of insulated concrete elements is the answer. In accordance with current demands placed on building physics, the trend in the precast concrete industry is towards elements whereby the internal insulation is integrated already in the factory. Therefore double and sandwich walls are used. The complexity of this must not be underestimated: The insulation material must drilled and cut, a wide range of insulation materials are used and flexible wall thicknessesare required. process-optimised data preparation in CAD. In this newsletter we present the latest further Logistics, transport & assembly Fully-automatic and efficient The automated manufacture of multilayered concrete elements is placing entirely new demands on the flexibility of various machines, as well as the in this area: On the one hand for example the cutting to size of the insulation materials used - on the other hand, the turning process of the first skin for the manufacture of double walls. EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH belongs to the Progress Group, which has further strengthened itself on an international basis. In October 2012, the Progress Group took over 100% of the shares in Echo Engineering N.V. from the Belgian Echo Group and subsequently founded the new company Echo Precast Engineering N.V. CAD is optimised with PTS Does the product design fit with the production process? The response is decisive. EBAWE progress has developed a special software standard for this purpose: PTS (Production Test System). PTS highlights questions applicable to the production system as arising from the CAD or manufacturing execution system. In this way, the produci bility of the elements is already tested during the creation of the CAD data. The response is visualised directly in CAD. In this way the PTS constitutes part of the PXML specification. All data is generated on a production-orientated basis and the labour time in the engineering office is minimised accordingly. The advantage is the maximum in process assurance with the minimum in work expended. Drawing the elements in CAD The new company offers expertise with an impressive history: Echo has developed over the past 50 years from a family company into Europe's market leader in the field of prestressed hollow core slabs. The Belgian company Echo Precast Engineering N.V. now optimally compliments the portfolio of our group. With the product range of EBAWE, progress Maschinen & Automation, tecnocom and Echo Precast Engineering, we have further expanded our core competences and underlined our claim as market leader with fully equipped precast concrete factories. We are looking forward to interesting projects! Your EBAWE team

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Innovation: Cutting insulation material with an abrasive water jet The innovation for the rationalised production of multi-layered concrete elements with integrated insulation originates from EBAWE. The CAD-based insulation cutter saves time, material wastage and high personnel expenditure. Energy-related sustainable construction is increasingly demanding multi- The scope of supply includes the cutting table, a high pressure pump, the layered concrete elements with integrated insulation, such as insulated double complete abrasion system and a filter system for cleanly pumping off and or sandwich...

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More efficient production with stepless double wall thickness Working with the turning device was previously associated with inflexible wall thicknesses, complicated production processes for insulated walls as well as high expenditures of time and personnel. The new development from EBAWE brings new prospects in terms of efficiency, economy and ergonomics in the workplace. Through the fully automatic wall thickness adjustment it is possible to produce any thickness of double wall required. Considerable cost savings are achieved in terms of concrete and reinforcement, as well as logistics and assembly....

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Production of different types of houses with multi-layered precast elements Masthead Publisher: EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH Dubener LandstraBe 58 04838 Eilenburg / Germany E-Mail Website PROGRESS GROUP concrete solutions jjj| EBAWE progress tecnocom |^|g

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