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Multifunctional Oase provides maximum outdoor pleasure Eauase, a new brand of Trinity Creations, is the new star in Belgian design heaven. Sitting, lying down, dining… it’s all possible with the nomadic Eauase outdoor collection. In addition, this innovative outdoor furniture is a completely Belgian creation: designed and produced in Belgium. Nomads in the garden The Eauase collection consists of the Daybed (chaise longue), the Lounge (chaise longue with table top) and the Oase (chaise longue with table top and canopy). Matching hassocks are also available. The Oase is inspired by the world of nomads, who settle down in their multifunctional tents. It’s no coincidence that the brand’s baseline is Urban Nomad Design, as urban and nomadic life meet in this collection. For instance, the Oase can be easily moved. By lifting it like a wheelbarrow, it can be rolled to any desired spot. Ideal for those who want to move it to the winter garden or living room in the evening, but also for hoteliers and event organisers who must be able to easily arrange a garden or terrace.

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Oasis of pleasure Users can set up the Oase in a sheltered or open area, with or without canopy and use it lying down, sitting or standing. All elements are easy to adapt. The canopy can be removed, the cushion on the seat can be moved and a table top can be mounted to the head. This results in three places to eat and with three matching hassocks this even becomes six. Garden bed, buffet, garden office, etc. Tasty barbecue or garden party? During the party guests can enjoy a drink on all sides of the seat. Simultaneously, the table top forms a counter for sauce, drinks and snacks. At other times...

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