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Catalogue excerpts


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PRO Series lighting fixtures for high ceiling areas & sport arenas Easy LED Oy has designed together with its customers a series of PRO lighting fixtures ideal for sport arenas as well as for industrial and commercial use. PRO Series can be used for all types of high ceiling areas and also for low parking garages. The robust luminaire with a sleek aluminium housing can be equipped with various lenses to direct the light to specific spots or to general areas as needed. The electronics of the PRO Series are designed to provide superior 80 000 hour lifetime, efficiency and performance. Totally flicker-free...

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Durability & low cost operation are the highlights of this series to offer superior lifetime economy and performance. Modular design makes possible to select most efficient size for all mounting heights between 2 - 30 metres. The design of the luminaires is set to achieve cost savings & ideal lighting. Quick and easy installation & maintenance free design – time savings even 80 % when compared to traditional lighting fixtures. The custom design of the PRO Series electronics ensures long lifecycle & stringent quality requirements. IP66 for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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Application areas Beautiful white light helps In high ceiling areas maintenance costs are reduced due to longevity and high quality of electronics. ITEHTT SUOHESS* used for general lighting or by choosing different lenses

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Sports Totally flicker-free light improves the safety and amenity of the space. Available Easy LED HD-FF light allows - for the first time - to show ultra-slow motion footage from indoor sport events. Another advantage of PRO Series is the possibility to direct light also outdoors exactly on the area needed - be it a football field or a ski slope. Agriculture Good lighting is essential to the health of the animals. It is important that the light does not pulsate, as this can be unsettling for the livestock. PRO Series models used in agriculture have surface finish of painted aluminium that is...

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Flicker-free & pure white For the first time in the world totally flicker-free light Easy LED PRO Series luminaires with optinal flicker-free HD-FF (high definition, flicker-free) light are a perfect choice especially for sport arenas. The Easy LED HD-FF light improves the safety and amenity of the space and allows shooting ultraslow motion footage even beyond 100 000 FPS. This creates totally new opportunities for TV-broadcasting and coaching of indoor sports. The HD-FF enabled PRO Series luminaires can even be dimmed without compromising light quality. This results to even greater savings when...

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CASE: Helsinki Ice Hall In 2013 legendary Helsinki Ice Hall got Easy LED HD-FF luminaires both in the main and practicing arenas. By choosing Easy LED PRO Series with HD-FF light, produced from top quality components, the arena wins a lot: • annual energy savigs of 75 % • reduced need for cooling • harder, faster and safer ice • improved audience experience • better environment for tv-broadcasting • new tools for coaching and much more. The new lighting solution offers natural, instant and uniform colour temperatures on the arenas with no extra shadows around the players; all features greatly...

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Variety with modularity Modular design of PRO Series enables a product range that is suited for all lighting applications imaginable. PRO Series lighting solution has models with total power consumption ranging from 26 to 480 watt and produced luminous flux from 2 500 to 56 000 lumens. Tailor-made drivers Easy LED uses tailor-made drivers for the PRO Series to obtain the performance expected. The LED-drivers are integrated inside the casing and are designed and manufactured in Finland, exclusively for these products. The advanced power management optimized for the luminaire is beyond the norm....

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All these components create solution efficacy of up to 122 lm/W. Materials, electronics and thermal management – the complete PRO Series system – is designed to achieve a design life of up to 80 000 hours even with ambient temperatures as high as +50°C. The best lens optics were chosen to create all the differing beam characteristics for PRO Series. Several light distribution options are available and new ones are continuously being developed. Additionally LED street optics solutions like UP-R or UP-D can be fitted to PRO Series. For special applications even custom optics can be utilized. Easy...

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Highbay reflector luminaire PRO 8X Oslon 240 Light source Easy LED LED-modules with 240 x Oslon SSL high power LEDs by Osram Opto Semiconductors Light distribution Quality optimized efficient 60 degree beam Gross luminous ux (lamp) Light output ratio (luminaire) Power consumption (luminaire) 440 W Total luminaire ecacy Maintenance requirements after more than 80 000 h Light control • Continuous operation • 1-10 V control interfaces standard • Switching on / off with time loss (increase to complete lumen output following switch-on, cooling down following switch off) • Unlimited switching • Smooth...

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Advantages of PRO Series Tailor-made Easy LED drivers for PRO Series Easy LED uses multiple GS certified constant current LED drivers to provide the best product always with full compliance to protection and EMC requirements. Having tailor-made drivers allows optimized system level solution with the highest possible luminaire efficacy and highest overall reliability. This is possible for any model size, as the LED driver family is designed from the very beginning for driver combinations. The drivers have been designed to endure the temperatures that can exist inside the luminaires when operated...

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PRO Series technical details Standard opening angles Housing Anodized aluminium – other surface treatments available in RAL colours Easy LED optimized UV-stabilized PC optics with high impact resistance Nano-coating for optics or ceramic coating for entire luminaire available for even improved wear resistance Protection rating Temperature range Designed for ambient temperatures from -40°C to +55°C (260 mA) or -40°C to +40°C (320 mA) with 95 % RH Luminaire continuous life QPD-connectors selectable 3+PE or 4+PE, selectable with 1 connector or 2 connectors for series installation M12 for dimming...

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