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Easy Drain Slim Serie

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Slim serie Practical innovation Another practical and thoughtful innovation to solve width installation problems. Since the beginning, it has been our goal to offer with our Slim Serie, a solution to the ever problematic installation of water capacity. • Flattest washbasin siphon available. • Ultra thin and therefore easy to install behind furniture. • New chances and all freedom when installing the patented Slim Tube system. • Fits all standard drain pipes DN 50/DN 40. • No more need to adopt the furniture to the siphon. • Compatible for washbasins with push-open valve.

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Slim Siphon XF ® & Slim Waste® water seal Slim Serie Slim Siphon XF with Slim Waste This siphon is the ultimate space-saver. With only 55 Our patented Slim Waste in combination with the bathroom furniture without siphon recess. In practice, Furthermore, the XF Slim Waste can be combined with all major mm is this siphon the flattest washbasin siphon available. XF Siphon, offers manufacturers the possibility to design this results in more storage space in bathroom furniture. drain valves which have a “Push Open“ function. Slim Waste & Slim Siphon XF

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Slim Siphon® & Slim Waste® 32 mm / water seal Slim Waste & Slim Siphon Installation video Price code Article code Slim Serie Slim Siphon with Slim Waste Slim Siphon and Slim Waste offers numerous application options and can be applied in almost any wall-drain connection. It can be installed up to 72 mm bottom basin. Furthermore, the Slim Waste can be combined with all major drain valves which have a “Push Open” function.

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The ingenious drainage tube With an installation depth of only 2 cm, the Slim Tube offers an optimal solution for this problem. Due to the elongated flat ellipse shape, the Slim Tube has a comparable cross-cut like a drainage pipe of approximately 50mm Ø. This exceeds the minimum requirements with regard to the flow of a drainage pipe of 40mm Ø. Because of the low installation depth of 2 cm, every wall construction stays unchanged. Adjoined wall damages are a part of the past. The drain can also be brought in front of a wall and leveled with a 2 cm thick ceramic plate (construction...

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