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Catalogue excerpts

INTERNATIONAL EDITION electronic intelligent controls, s.l.

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Hotel Royalton Riviera Cancun 5 Hotel Barcelo Raval 6 Hotel Pollentia Club Resort 6 Hotel Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino 7 Hotel Barcelo Rivera Maya 7 Hotel Secrets Jamaica 8 Hotel Bavaro Beach Resort 8 Hotel Royalton Chic Punta Cana 9 Hotel Marriott Jamaica 9 Offices Gesa Endesa 10 Offices IKEA Gran Canaria 10 Offices Torre Iberdrola 11 Olympus Plaga Europa Building 12 Offices Renault Technocentre 12 Thau School Barcelona 13 JAZ Industrial manufacturing plant 13 PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS REFERENCE GUIDE 14 HVAC controllers reference guide for room automation 16 e-Room Stand-Alone Datasheet...

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Dear customer, Communication and control technologies for building automation have rapidly evolved over recent years. We find ourselves immersed in a constant change of environment where we, as manufacturing companies, should contribute new proposals and solutions that provide for enhanced comfort, operational cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction. In the current control system scene, open system based communication technologies have gained I Ufsfl I market share with respect to proprietary solutions because of their flexibility, adaptability and scalability. Nowadays, various standard...

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HVAC control Location: Barcelona, Spain HVAC control in rooms 185 units e-Room Classic SCADA application in reception Room monitoring and control status Routers Loytec Punta Cana HVAC control Location: Punta Cana, Rep. Dominicana HVAC Control in rooms nits e-Room Stand-Alone Barcelo Rivera

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HVAC control Location: Jamaica 700 units e-Room Detector SCADA application in reception Room monitoring and control status Routers Loytec Bavaro Beach HVAC control Location: PuntaCana, Rep. Domini HVAC control in rooms Phase 1: 485 units e-Room Classic Phase 2: 515 units e-Room Classic Phase 3: 450 units e-Room Classic Room monitoring and control status Routers Loytec Royalton Chic Punta Cana HVAC control Location: Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana HVAC Control in rooms 325 units e-Room Controller lighting control Location: Kingston, Jamaica Lighting Control in lobby and restaurants 135 units e-Room...

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HVAC control Location: Mallorca, Spain Office HVAC control 230 units e-Room Classic Building monitoring and remote Routers Loytec Office HVAC control 12 units e-Room Classic HVAC control Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Lighting Control Location: Bilbao, Spain Offices lighting control 98 units L-DALI Gateways SCADA application in reception lighting points with DALI Loytec Infrastructure

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Lighting control Location: Barcelona, Spain Lighting multisensors in classrooms Switching on/off lighting control 52 units e-Multisensor AutoOnOff Location: Eibar (Guipuzkoa), Spain Lighting Multisensor for light dimming Industrial lighting control Olympus Plaga Europa Building Leed Silver Lighting control Location: L'Hospitalet (Barcelona), Spain Lighting Multisensors in offices switching on/off lighting control 38 units e-Multisensor AutoDim 1-10V 66 units e-Multisensor AutoOnOff Off iCGS HVAC/lighting energy saving Location: Paris, France Multisensor Motion Detector and Light Sensor

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Reference Guide E-Controls products application markets and segments Building control Buildings waste 24% of country global energy Office buildings represent 40% of overall energy waste. 55% of energy bill in a building is HVAC and It's possible to save up to 70% energy respect to conventional buildings using automation and control systems. Streetlight remote monitoring and control . Remote control . Light dimming 19% of world energy is wasted in lighting. 2% of energy in Spain is used for public lighting. Public lighting represents 65% overall waste in Products based in standard open protocols Room...

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HVAC controllers reference guide for room automation

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Energy Saving • Max/min user setpoints • Max/min real setpoints • Three fan-coil speeds to adapt to each • Remote BMS control to switch off at programmed times Device Configuration • Celsius/Fahrenheit display • 1 or 3 Fan-coil speeds selection • Fan-coil state on no demand • Temperature/setpoint visualization • Max/min user setpoints • Max/Min real setpoints • Device state after reset • Heat/Cool mode switching • NO/NC valves • Brightness display level • Modbus baud rate and parity (bus model) • A single device per zone • Less installation time • Improved maintenance • Stand-alone operation •...

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Energy Savings • Up to 20% zone energy savings • Occupancy based temperature setpoint • Window contact stops operation • Configurable Max/Min setpoints • Dual ON/ECO setpoint • ECO mode on unoccupied zone Device Configuration Celsius/Fahrenheit display 1 or 3 fan coil speeds selection Fan coil state on no demand Device on OFF or ECO on unoccupied zone Heat/Cool mode switching 2 pipe / 4 pipe system Keycard switch contact or lighting input Heat/Cool deadband Occupied/ECO state setpoints Device state after reset Heat/Cool device startup NO/NC valves Patented product Registered design • A single...

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e-Room Stand-Alone Stand-alone room climate control for fan-coil applications Application Hotel 2 Pipes / 4 Pipes lighting contact Available Input/ Direct expansion system control and room management in a single device The e-Room® Panasonic device is an innovative product to directly operate over the Panasonic VRF Indoor Unit system. The device includes a set of functions to operate over the HVAC system, the lighting system and the blinds using only a single device in a hotel room, providing also some functions to operate over a second heating/cooling zone like a bathroom. The device is including...

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Room Climate Control for Fan Coil applications switch contact HVAC control with occupancy sensor Energy Efficiency in HVAC is a device designed to provide overall room climate control on fan coil based systems. The device operates over the HVAC system depending on the occupancy status of the room and the window status, managing the fan coil and valves according to the temperature and the setpoint defined. Its operation provides a user friendly control and allows remote facility management through an standard ISO/ EC 14908 (LonWorks ) or Modbus RTU (RS-485) communication bus depending on model....

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