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E-Controls Catalogue N°6

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electronic intelligent controls, s.l. Hotel and building automation solutions for energy efficient installations INTERNATIONAL EDITION

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COMPANY PRESENTATION MOST RELEVANT PROJECTS Hotel Hyatt Zyva Cancun Hotel Club Pollentia Hotel Secrets Jamaica Hotel Condes de Barcelona Hotel Royalton Riviera Cancun Hotel Marriot Jamaica Hotel Hotel Barcelo Raval Hotel Leonardo Sagrada Familia Hotel Royalton Chic Punta Cana Offices Renault Technocentre Can Drago Multisport Gymnasium Offices Torre Iberdrola Sagnier Gymnasium Olympus Placa Europa Building Logistic Platform Consum Zona Franca Infant Jesus School OFFICE AND HOTEL SOLUTIONS REFERENCE GUIDE HVAC controllers reference guide for room automation e-Thermo Datasheet e-Room...

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electronic intelligent controls, s.l. Dear customer, In recent years, the strong market pressure produced by the present serious economic crisis has brought a change to the way in which business is being done in many firms. The need to adapt to the environment is and will continue to be the key to being competitive, and a strong competency to win projects will depend more and more on various factors: having a competitive product, having a dynamic presence in the Internet, providing good online technical support, offering quality training courses, adapting products to real market needs and,...

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Pollentia Club Resort HVAC Control Location: Mallorca, Spain HVAC Control and motion detection in rooms Building 1: Building 2: Building 3: 216 units e-Room Detector 108 units e-Sensor 60 units e-Room Plus 25 units e-Room Plus Secrets Jamaica HVAC control Location: Jamaica HVAC control and presence detection in rooms 700 units e-Room Detector 700 units e-Sensor Noiseless SCADA application in reception Room monitoring and control status Routers Loytec Royalton Riviera Cancún HVAC Control Location: Cancún, Mexico HVAC Control in rooms 850 units e-Room Controller 850 units e-Display Condes de...

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Marriott Jamaica HVAC Control and lighting control Location: Kingston, Jamaica HVAC Control in rooms Lighting Control in lobby and restaurants 135 units e-Room Plus Stand-Alone PIR 6 units e-Scene 28 units e-Controller On/Off Barceló Raval Leonardo Sagrada Familia HVAC Control Location: Barcelona, Spain HVAC control in rooms 81 units e-Display 81 units e-Room Controller Stand-Alone Royalton Chic Punta Cana HVAC control Location: Punta Cana, República Dominicana HVAC Control in rooms 325 units e-Room Controller 325 units e-Display HVAC control Location: Barcelona, Spain HVAC control in rooms...

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Torre Iberdrola Lighting Control HVAC/lighting energy saving Location: Bilbao, Spain Location: Paris, France Offices lighting control 98 units L-DALI Gateways Multisensor Motion Detector and Light Sensor SCADA application in reception Remote management of 20.000 lighting points with DALI Loytec Infrastructure Can Dragó Multisport Gymnasium Retrofit lighting control Location: Barcelona, Spain Lighting energy efficiency control system 39 units e-Multisensor AutoOnOff 7 units Multilux PowerLine 5 units e-Controller 1-10V PowerLine 2 units e-Scene PowerLine

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Consum Zona Franca Logistic Platform DALI lighting control Location: Zona Franca Barcelona, Spain Remote management of 1350 luminaries with DALI bus with office and industrial multisensors Building 1: 46 units Multilux multisensors LonWorks® TP/FT-10 4 units DALI gateway, LDALI-3E104 with 4 DALI ports e-Scene + e-Controller solution for meeting rooms LIP Loytec routers Infant Jesús School Plant control Location: El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain Heating plant and sanitary hot water control, SCADA application LIOB-580 Controllers and Modules Temperature and pressure transducers Lighting...

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Office solutions electronic intelligent controls, s.l. Hotel solutions electronic intelligent controls, s.l. The right product for any space in your office and commercial building Reliable solutions to satisfy the guest comfort and the hotelier confidence One product to fit any space to obtain the maximum performance of the building in climate and lighting applications A complete portfolio of products for hotel automation to achieve an optimal comfort, save energy, provide better maintenance and deliver a global remote monitoring to offer higher benefits of the facilities Working areas Room...

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Clima Product name Ordering number Frame HVAC controllers reference guide for room automation electronic intelligent controls, s.l. Stand-Alone devices e-Thermo Stand-Alone e-Room Stand-Alone e-Room Plus Stand-Alone e-Room Plus Stand-Alone PIR e-Room Plus Stand-Alone PRO e-Room Plus Stand-Alone PIR PRO e-Room Panasonic Stand-Alone e-Room Controller Stand-Alone e-Display e-Display Plus RD.970000-000 RP.970000-000 Bticino e-Room Plus PowerLine e-Room Panasonic Modbus e-Room Plus PowerLine PIR e-Room Panasonic LonWorks Flush mount Flush mount Flush mount Flush mount e-Thermo Modbus e-Room...

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Clima e-Thermo Optional remote control with Modbus protocol Energy Saving • Max/min user setpoints • Max/min real setpoints • Three fan-coil speeds to adapt to each temperature • Remote BMS control to switch off at programmed times • A single device per zone • Less installation time • Improved maintenance Device Configuration • Celsius/Fahrenheit display • 1 or 3 Fan-coil speeds selection • Fan-coil state on no demand • Temperature/setpoint visualization • Max/min user setpoints • Max/Min real setpoints • Auto On for Temperature • Device state after reset • Heat/Cool mode switching • NO/NC...

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Clima e-Room Stand-Alone ® Temperature Setpoint Control Based on Zone Occupancy Energy Savings 1 Hotel 2 Pipes / 4 Pipes lighting contact • Up to 20% zone energy savings • Occupancy based temperature setpoint change • Window contact stops operation • Configurable Max/Min setpoints • Dual ON/ECO setpoint • ECO mode on unoccupied zone • A single device per zone • Less installation time • Improved maintenance • No communication bus required Device Configuration • Celsius/Fahrenheit display • 1 or 3 fan coil speeds selection • Fan coil state on no demand • Device on OFF or ECO on unoccupied...

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