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Catalogue excerpts

ex-centric rotation system.

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Tweeter introduces new levels in flexibility, both in movement as in lighting application, destined to become a longstanding classic.

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With Tweeter Delta Light® introduces the Ex-centric Rotation System The ERS is characterized by an asymmetrical hinge joint, combining extreme rotation and tilting abilities, all in one swift whirling motion.

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upgrades movement of the fixture, but more importantly also provides

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Double Shell design prevents ceiling exposure, while the flexible inner shell tailors for any lighting need.

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Ultimate refinement is reached with the Oreo principle a subtle aureole of light circling around the central led, for improved lighting aesthetics.

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Easy installation Tweeter Trimless No visible wires / No visible hinge joint 360°

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The Tweeter Trimless FRL & SBL were added with the launch of The Lighting Bible® 11. These two versions feature a more powerful 18W powerled. When finished with the SBL glass you will obtian a more diffuse light effect, with the Fresnell lens results in more delineated 35° light beam.

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n exce Tweeter O design, refined ious its ingen detail. to the last

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Available with single our double spot, Tweeter On comes with Delta Light’s unique Reo led array technology, delivering a powerful, warm light. 28

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a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency, adding value to the design statement of its environment. The shells of both the recessed and the surface mounted versions are designed to provide optimal cooling, ensuring extended lifetime of 50.000 hours for the led series.

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The Tweeter On 4 is available as ceiling surface mounted or suspended luminaire.

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FRL / SBL provide a more robust and retro look & feel. Offering a delineated 35° light beam (FRL) or a more diffuse light effect (SBL) 34

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ACCESSORIES For Tweeter Trimless Reo / ST D Reo / On 1 / On 2 Tool FREE! Tweeter Clip BEAM / HONEYCOMB Linear Spread Lens 40 BEAM / LINEAR SPREAD LENS

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Outdoor The extremely manoeuvrable Tweeter is now making its presence felt in the garden in the shape of a wall fitting and posts for directional lighting. Ideal for creating highlights out of doors. One handy feature is that the outdoor models have the same rotation versatility as the indoor models. Which means the lighting can ‘grow’ with the plants. 44

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