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Catalogue excerpts

Supernova An extensive range of pure geometric formed lighting fixtures. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 1

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Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 2

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In no time Supernova has become a classic in the Delta Light collection. An extensive range of pure geometrically formed lighting fixtures that guarantee powerful illumination and atmosphere, blending harmonically into its space, providing a very enjoyable diffuse lighting effect. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 3

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Download all Supernova 3D CAD files at Light distribution FLUO

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The continued advancement in LED technology provides new opportunities for energy-efficient lighting. Delta Light® plays a leading role in implementing this new technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED lamps, developing innovative LED products and tailor-made solutions. Line In-house developed Printed Circuit Boards are optimized for Supernova LED resulting in uniform lighting of the polycarbonate. LED luminaire with standard 3000 K colour temperature (other on request) High Efficiency HIGH OUTPUT Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 6

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IN-HOUSE Development & Production Thanks to the semi automated production process, full in-house manufacturing, testing and quality procedures & intelligent stock managament system, Delta Light is able to guarantee short delivery terms for both small and larger quantities. On request the Supernova can be offered in any RAL colour, matching the specific look and feel of your interior design. supernova. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 7

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gently curved aluminium circle in one piece available with T16 and providing up to 92 lm/W available with 4mm Polycarbonate (PC SBL) with more than 70% transparency for optimal light output or 2mm Polycarbonate Prismatic + 1,5mm PC SBL opal luminous surface avoiding visible lamp contours, providing a very enjoyable diffuse lighting effect comes in different diameters, offering flexibility for any room lay-out and enabling value-adding scenographies. available for different applications: trimless recessed, semi recessed, surface mounted & suspended. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 8

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Siematic Showroom - Antwerp (BE) Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 9

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SUPERNOVA SEMI Because of its partly recessed installation, the Supernova semi appears like an ultra-flat luminous sphere on the ceiling. — Ø 672 / 972 / 1272 SUPERNOVA TRIMLESS Thanks to its trimless recessed finishing this Supernova discretely fits into the architecture of the room, with the emphasis on the light rather than the luminaire. The seamless transition of light and ceiling makes this elegant eye-catcher float above the room, providing a perfectly uniform field of light. — Ø 675 / 975 / 1275 Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 10

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SUPERNOVA SUSPENDED Four delicate steel cords enable easy suspension of the Supernova range. The down-up version features a polycarbonate on top to avoid dust entering the fixture and guaranteeing a pleasant and an immaculate indirect light effect. Thanks to the transparent supply cable and the new trimless suspension kit you can opt for a very clean and minimalistic ceiling suspension. — Ø 650 / 950 / 1250 SUPERNOVA SURFACE MOUNTED A timeless lighting solution that guarantees powerful illumination and striking atmosphere, blending harmonically into its space. Its uninterrupted circular form and...

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PROJECTS Thanks to its multiple options for application and availability in different diameters, Supernova can be used as both a single luminaire for smaller projects, or as an attractive and timeless composition in larger buildings. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 12

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Private Residence - Diksmuidesupernova. (BE) - Som Architecten Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 13

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Showroom - Aachen (DE) - Hahn Helten + Assoziierte Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 14

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Office - Keiem (BE) - Som Architecten Showroom Sony - Auckland (NZ) - Woodhams Meikle Zhan Interiors Office - Sint-Martens-Latem (BE) - Archion Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 15

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With its high output and high efficiency, timeless design and high flexibility, Supernova can upgrade any retail, office, hospitality or public space. From large atriums, to hotel lobbies, meeting rooms to restaurants, landscape offices to showrooms and so much more, the Supernova range provides multiple options to create functional, efficient and creative environments. Showroom Decospan - Menen (BE) - Pinkeye Design Showroom Decospan - Menen (BE) - Pinkeye Design Showroom Ritzenhof - Marsberg (DE) - Deeken-Henke Architects Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 16

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Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 17

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Residence - Dessel (BE) - Aid Architects United Clothing - Brussels (BE) Nature Care College - St Leonards (AU) Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 18

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Library - Goudasupernova. Architect (NL) - Hanrath Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 19

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Sankini Hair Dressers - Wevelgem (BE) RETAIL Bonafida- Ledegem (BE) Kaasrijperij Vantricht - Antwerp (BE) Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 20

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La-Di-Da - Lodz (PL) - Pawel Dawid Kaczmarczyk Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 21

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Meeting Room - Wortegem-Petegem (BE) - Henk Pijpaert Engineering Refectory - Azerbaijan - Ruslan Vasyakin Hotel D - Basel (CH) - Wyss + Santons Architects Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 22

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Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 23

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SUPERNOVA SR gently curved aluminium shape in one piece finished with soft rounded corners, adding additional style and elegance this eye-catcher is available in several matching shapes and sizes, enabling continuity throughout the entire project and allowing you to create attractive compositions 4mm polycarbonate with 70% transparency for optimal light output opal luminous surface avoiding visible lamp contours, providing a very enjoyable diffuse lighting effect the Supernova SR & L come as either surface mounted or suspended. The SR version is available with downlight or up & downlight Supernova...

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supernova. Other Criteria - New York (USA) - Michel Schranz Design & Architecture Ltd. Supernova Brochure ENG.indd 25

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