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Catalogue excerpts

Super-Oh! A symbol of infinity

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Neuroscientific research has shown affection for curves isn’t just a matter of personal taste; it appears to be hard-wired into the brain. If so, the Super-Oh! range is ready to meet your creative needs. Super-Oh! is an extensive series of slim black rings, available in different applications and sizes: trimless recessed to surface mounted, on a flexible bracket, track or suspended.

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The Super-Oh! is available in three different diameters: 1.700, 1.200 and 700 mm with 8, 6 or 3 LED modules, respectively. Compact powerleds are incorporated inside the ring, with minimal glare thanks to the inset position.

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Private Residence - Ghent (BE)

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Either suspended from flat ceilings, in a playful composition with different ceiling hights or positioned inside ceiling voids... Super-Oh! guarantees a subtle and sophisticated appearance. Slim black rings floating through space.

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The Super-Oh led is equipped with 3, 6 or 8 powerleds, each with a 20° lens. This simulation indicates the spread of light and lumen levels, related to the distance between the Super-oh and the illuminated surface. e.g. Super-Oh! 70 70 Super-Oh! If the Super-Oh 120 is positioned 3x6W 3x6W 3000K 4m above the illuminated surface 3000K 20° 20° (floor or other), this will result in a light beam with a diameter of 2450mm. This beam will have an average of 282lx, with 501lx in the center and 72lx at the edge of the beam.

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In addition to the LED version, the Super-Oh! is also available with 10, 7 or 5 E27-fittings, where the bulbs are clearly visible. A more retro-look version and a playful nod to make-up mirrors for actors and artists.

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Private Residence - Ghent (BE)

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The large sized Super-Oh! range now also features a brand-new SBL version. A seamlessly welded circular aluminum profile, with integrated polycarbonate, offering a perfectly unified ring of light. This SBL version comes in different diameters, either down or down-up light, with either multiple fixation points or a central suspension. The SBL version features a Delta Light in-house developed curved led cluster. Despite its very thin and elegant body, the Super-Oh! SBL has an integrated dimmable power supply which does not compromise its structure.

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The Super-Oh! can also be combined with Delta Light’s brand new Wireless Control Dimming module, allowing you to manage your Super-Oh! from your mobile device.

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To keep a consistent design code throughout your project you can also integrate a trimless Super-Oh!. The result is a fully recessed, slim halo. A symbol of infinity, without beginning or end, perfect, the ultimate geometric symbol seamlessly integrated into architecture.

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This trimless version comes with a center board, made out of MDF, to facilitate installation.

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With its 25cm or 39cm diameter, the Super-Oh! XS (Extra Small) can be considered to be the “little one” of the family. With only 5cm height, this perfectly curved circle holds a polycarbonate, hiding an intense clustered inner circle of powerleds. This cirlce of leds is specially designed to guarantee a uniform and perfectly balanced light output, resulting in a very enjoyable diffuse lighting effect. The Super-Oh! XS is available either for direct mounting, as a suspension or with a pivot, also with a flexible ceiling bracket enabling the user to tilt the disc up to 45°, and rotate 360°.

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Combining different Super-Oh! diameters allows you to create eye-catching combinations, using light as an artistic element.

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