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Catalogue excerpts

Wide and narrow apertures draw black lines through space and literally form ‘lighting paths’ that work in harmony with the architecture of the surroundings. These graphically refined, made-to-measure profiles and their variation of widths effortlessly integrate with the architecture, enhancing the uniqueness of the project. www.deltalight.com/splitline16 www.deltalight.com/splitline29 www.deltalight.com/splitline52 www.deltalight.com/splitline25 www.deltalight.com/splitline51

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The Splitline16 is the newest addition to the made-to-measure Splitline collection. An extremely narrow (16mm) and minimalistic profile which can be equipped with linear led lines for diffuse general lighting, or with the elegant Microspy modules for accent lighting. www.deltalight.com/splitline16

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ELECTRICAL WIRING NON INCLUDED The Splitline16 profile is easy to install and easy to finish. The perforated flange enables quick installation in any ceiling thickness. After installation the 2mm trim of the profile facilitates a seamless finish, resulting in a 16mm slim and perfectly trimless slot.

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Splitline16 Profile + Ledline 15 Profile Inside the Splitline16 profile you can opt for a Ledline profile, designed to the length specifically required for your project. The Ledline can be equipped with RGB, warm white, neutral white or cold white ledstrips, available in different lumen outputs and dimmable versions.

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The new MicroSpy module further improves the architectural character of this profile, upgrading the individuality of the room. Available in single, double or triple versions, the MicroSpy completes the diffuse lighting of the Ledliner with subtle accent lighting, adding extra finesse to this minimalistic lighting system.

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With 180° connections and 90° inner and outer corners available, it becomes easy to create your linear pattern throughout the room, or to connect different spaces using the Splitline profile as a guidance tool.

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Different dimensions, same advantages and flexibility. Featuring a separate cabling compartment inside the profile, both the 29 and the 52 version require ceilings with higher ceiling depth. You can electronically connect endless lines of Splitline coves throughout your project, hiding all cables thanks to the easy-click cabling cover inside the profile. www.deltalight.com/splitline29 www.deltalight.com/splitline52

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Splitline 29 - LED Splitline 29 - Spotnic M10 The Splitline 52 meets a multitude of lighting needs thanks to the extensive range of modules. Soft accent lighting to high-power downlight or diffuse lighting… design your Splitline to match the requirements of your projects. Splitline 52 - You-Turn SPL REO Splitline 52 - You-Turn SPL Opto

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Splitline 52 Profile / Splitline 52 - Midispy / Delta Light HQ

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Splitline 29 Profile - Spotnic M10 / Architect: Edwards Moore Splitline 29 Profile - Spy / Interior Architect: Interieur Maddens

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Splitline 52 Profile - LED / Private Residence / Interior Architect: CUBIC - Paolo Viganó

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Splitline 52 Profile - 1/2LED / Versluys - Corporate Building Splitline 29 Profile / Splitline 29 - Spotnic / Architect: Edwards Moore

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Splitline 52 Profile - You-Turn Reo / Architect: Daio Studio Splitline 29 Profile - LED / Architect: Jsa Arquitectura

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Two multifunctional Splitline versions which require only 68mm recessed depth. Both can be equipped with different led modules, positioned inside the profile to minimize glare, or with a series of highly flexible and directional Midispy and Spy modules. www.deltalight.com/splitline25 www.deltalight.com/splitline51 Splitline 51 Profile - 2/3 LED - LED Line / Interior Architect: Saainterieur bvba

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Splitline 25 - Midispy Splitline 51 - Spy The wide range of module types, lumen outputs, colour finishes and beams enable you to address a multitude of lighting needs.

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Splitline 51 Profile - Spy / Private Residence

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Splitline 25 Profile - LED - LED Line / Interior Architect Kurt Demeulemeester Splitline 25 Profile - 2-3 LED - LED / Interior Architect Eric Kant

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Splitline 51 Profile - 1/2 LED / Interior Architect: Saainterieur bvba

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