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Catalogue excerpts

Split-it PRO Split-it ON Defining spaces

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With their linear geometry, both new Split-it made-tomeasure profiles enable you to define spaces and create volumes, to show direction, frame the room and add sharp edged detail to your architecture. www.deltalight.com/split-it-on www.deltalight.com/split-it-pro Get inspired on different applications in our Virtual Reality spaces: www.deltalight.com/vr See the video at play.deltalight.com/splititpro

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The Split-it PRO profile concept demonstrates that form and functionality of recessed lighting have definitely gone down a new path, opening new ways to integrate “lighting paths” with architecture. The Split-it is a single profile which can be used on its own, or in combination of two.

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With U-shaped corner sets of 90mm and 150mm, 180° connections, and 90° inner and outer corners available it becomes easy to create your linear patterns throughout the room, or to connect different spaces using the Split-it profile as a guidance tool. You can simply define your desired lengths, list your corner elements, order and go.

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The Split-it PRO enables integration of edgeless lighting paths, either vertically or horizontally. Its 37° degree sharp edge gives walls and ceilings a ‘paper-thin’ appearance, with no visible wires and no shadow gaps, upgrading the level of architectural detail. It offers not only new ways to give shape to any lighting need, it also gives the possibility to integrate other engineering and technological necessities.

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The Split-it On is a made-to-measure profile for surface mounted application. It combines the extreme versatility of the 220 recessed version, adding extra flexibility with the miniature Split-it On downlight module. 108 Two fixation options are available: direct fixation or suspension cables, enabling you to customize the position of the profile. Perfect to create continuous planes of light in spaces with changing ceiling heights.

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This surface mounted version opens up a new world of lighting scenarios for spaces with demanding lighting needs and ceiling limitations. Be it retail, meeting rooms, circulation areas, public buildings or other, the Split-it On caters for any lighting scenario you have in mind, without compromising the elegance and style of your project.

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Both profiles can be combined with a multitude of spots available for specific and demanding lighting needs. Ranging from 800lm to 2900lm, beams ranging from 11° up to 57°, and different light sources. High Color Rendering Modules available in CRI 80, 90 and up to CRI 97 for industry leading colour rendering and consistency.

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Simply by pressing a pin you can control the position of the arm of the module. Via a clamp-system you can easily position the module along the full length of the profile. POSITION OF ACCESSORY POSITIONOF ACCESSORY Wide range of light refinining accessories available: The mounting arm features three toolfree joints enabling maximum flexibility. The direction of the luminaire can manually be determined to highlight elements in the room. LINEAR SPREAD LENS SPREAD LENS SOFTENING LENS

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To complete all possible lighting needs spots and indirect lighting can be combined with miniature downlight modules, encapsulated within the profile to complete all possible lighting needs. Despite its miniature size these downlight modules provide a powerful downlight output, perfect to illuminate tables or desks positioned below the profile.

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Both Split-it ON and Split-it PRO can be equipped with indirect lighting in 2 positions. This enables you to customize the indirect lighting effect, or to combine a white led line with RGB to create different atmospheres. You can opt for a toolfree installation with the Split-it PRO LED LINE, or for LedFlex in Tunable White, Neutral White (4000K), Warm White (3000K), Halogen White (2700K) or RGB. PRIVATE RESIDENCE - SARONNO (IT)

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