The Lighting Bible 11 - 1150 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

We make light that makes you see, light that makes you look, light that animates the world around you. We develop lighting solutions that enhance people’s life, and therefore people’s quality of life. We bring our experience in light to the service of architects, interior and lighting designers, realizing what is in their mind, creating a lighting scenography integrated in the architecture. Using the right light in the right way to make architectural concepts stand out. Founded by designer Paul Ameloot, today the company is still owned and managed by the family. As a family business we love to...

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Building on 25 years of lighting development, production and design expertise, we look very ambitious but confident towards the future. We continuously invest in people, in new markets, in production techniques and in our infrastructure – aiming to further upgrade our service abilities, expand our R&D department, testing and laboratories facilities, increase warehouse automation and extend the House of Light training center. At Delta Light we realize that our business activities are associated with responsibility for ecological awareness, health and sustainability, and handle these issues as a...

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we are delta light An essential tribute in Delta Light’s creative process is the extensive in-house design, development, testing, engineering and manufacturing of all products. This enables the company to realize its short idea-to-market philosophy, resulting in extensive new collections on a very regular basis. The lighting industry is constantly changing and evolving. We consider this both to be a challenge and an opportunity. It fascinates us to keep on bringing new designs and lighting solutions. You could consider it a passion to surprise and inspire people around the world. We start from...

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result in a fast, efficient and first time right development process. As such, an essential attribute in the company’s short idea-to-market philosophy. Throughout the entire production process Delta Light distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. Each product that leaves Delta Light, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency....

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design We are focused on the details. The looks, how a fixure moves, how it can be specified and installed, the ease of enjoying the light and so much more. With a surprising visual simplicity, our products are the result of extensive research and testing, fusing advanced technology with timeless design and sustainable materials. The breakthrough of LED technology currently being experienced is probably the biggest development in lighting technology for decades. Delta Light plays a leading role in implementing this new technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED lamps, developing innovative...

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Delta Light is and has always been at the forefront of new developments and has consequently gained an established position as a leading innovator of exclusive products in the lighting sector. An unfortunate consequence of the company’s design focused philosophy is the high number of slavish copies available on the market. These infringements upon Delta Lights’ intellectual property rights are seen as an act of unfair competition, and an encroachment on Delta Light’s innovative design positioning and its success. In this respect, Delta Light has established a strict policy worldwide for enforcing...

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Since our foundation in 1989 we have developed from a small Belgian company to become a global business, offering lighting solutions and services in 120 countries worldwide.

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In addition to the Belgian headquarters we have Delta Light branch offices and partners on all continents and most important design capitals, from Miami to Bogota, from Amsterdam to Dubai, from Saint-Petersburg to Hong Kong, from New York to Milan, Toronto,... and many more. Our main goal is to support the international projects personally and locally. Delta Light has catered for some of the world’s most well-known brands and architects, providing sophisticated and value adding lighting solutions. Ranging from retail to residential, office, public, showrooms to hospitality and landscape projects,...

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things to look for in the Lighting Bible® 11 Soft Ceiling iMax range designed to minimize glare and create clean sightlines. One luminaire type for multiple lighting scenographies. Discover the Spy, a very extensive and versatile range. A hybrid of elegance and flexibility. Mini to medium or large sizes in all types of application - recessed, surface mounted, profile modules and track (including new 48V track version).

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Extension of made-tomeasure led profile solutions with trimless finish, superior efficiency and high light output results. New Soft Dim technology, where the color of the LED gets warmer as it is dimmed, replicating the dimming behaviour of a conventional halogen lamp. Miniaturization of luminaire design resulting in wide range of minimalistic led downlighters with surprising light output results. New Montur collection, a range of authentic, pure and timeless luminaires for both interior and exterior use. Eyecatching new shapes and materials to upgrade your project. Customize your light effect...

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INTERIOR LIGHTING The Lighting Bible® 11 catalogue offers a vast range of interior lighting solutions, ranging from ceiling to wall and floor applications, both recessed and surface mounted.

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INTERIOR CEILING RECESSED Delta Light® offers a very extensive range of ceiling recessed lighting solutions for a wide range of ceiling conditions. Be it for general lighting, wall wash, accent, flood or diffused lighting, all recessed luminaires are designed to combine the light source with the best optics, reflectors and lenses to combine light quality and energy efficiency, helping you to apply the best lighting solutions for the intended purpose of the space. To discover more, or download technical files of your preferred product, just add the product reference (without colour) or name to...

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