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Catalogue excerpts

LSC LIFT SMOKE CONTROL The easy way to energy-efficient ventilation for lift shafts

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VENTILATION AND SMOKE EXTRACTION OF LIFT SHAFTS LIFT SHAFTS WITH SAVINGS POTENTIAL SAFETY THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY MADE IN GERMANY The use of state-of-the-art technology enables targeted and controlled ventilation of lift shafts – heat losses are drasti- cally reduced, energy consumption and CO2 emission of the building drop significantly. In case of fire, hot gases and toxic fumes are quickly and reliably routed outdoors. lift shafts. With LSC Our LSC system for lift shaft smoke extraction and ventilation Lift Smoke Control, offers not only safe smoke extraction, but also tremendous energy...

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LSC-AIO: AS SMALL AND SIMPLE AS IT GETS As an enhancement to our LSC system proven in use around the world, the new LSC-AIO system features a particularly compact design. The LSC-AIO was developed to be able to be installed more quickly and easily: You receive a complete system with only a handful of components - cost-effective, installed in no time and ready for use immediately. Thanks to the especially short amortisation period, this investment really pays off! THE CUSTOMIZED READY-TO-USE VENTILATION AND SMOKE EXTRACTION SYSTEM Alarm devices AL evacuation to AS The new LSC system is ideal for...

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LIFT BEAM YOUR SCANNER IN CASE OF FIRE: THE NEW LB LIFT BEAM The infrared optical beam fire detector ensures active early fire detection in lift shafts. The system includes an infrared transmitter and receiver in one device: A clearly marked beam is guided to a reflecting prism, which reflects the beam onto the receiver for analysis. An alarm will be triggered if the beam comes into contact with smoke. The Lift Beam, specifically developed and tested for use in the lift shaft, is CE-certified in accordance with EN 54-12. THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE LSC LIFT BEAM: Integrated laser: for targeted adjustment...

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LIFT STATUS REPORTING UNIT ADVANCED CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS THANKS TO THE LIFT STATUS REPORTING UNIT FOR YOUR SAFETY: MEANINGFUL MEASUREMENTS AT THE LIFT CAR An additional module that packs a punch: As a supplement An integrated temperature sensor measures the ambient to the new LSC central unit, it is the complete intelligence temperature exactly where the measurement is the most in the smallest design. The LST lift status transceiver recog- important: Directly in the car and not at a random point nises the presence of passengers in the lift car and regulates somewhere in the shaft. The air quality...

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EFFECTIVE LIFT SHAFT SMOKE EXTRACTION: TO SUIT ALL YOUR NEEDS! We developed an extensive line of accessories to supplement our new LSC controllers. This enables LSC solutions for the lift shaft smoke extraction to perfectly adapt to the respective conditions and individual requests. If you should ever lack something, simply contact us! MANUAL TRIGGERING: SHEV BUTTON WITH INTEGRATED VENTILATION BUTTON AUTOMATIC FIRE DETECTION: SMOKE EXTRACTION SYSTEM OR OPTICAL SMOKE DETECTOR As an addition to the permanent monitoring of the lift shaft In addition to the new Lift Beam, we naturally continue to by...

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CLOSURE FLAPS STOPPING HEAT LOSSES EFFECTIVELY USING D+H CLOSURE FLAPS Closure flaps prevent the uncontrolled escape of heat and We offer a large variety of options for implementing the energy through permanent openings. The installed flaps aforementioned requirements: ensure effective ventilation regulation as well as safe smoke extraction if necessary. This requires that the functionality of the system will also be ensured under inclement weather conditions (storm, rain, snow or extreme temperatures). DIN ROOF CAP FOR INSTALLATION ON THE FLAT ROOF OF BUILDINGS EN 12101-2 / Specification for...

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D+H Mechatronic AG Georg-Sasse-Strasse 28-32 D-22949 Ammersbek Germany Phone: +49 40 60565 0 Fax: +49 40 60565 222 E-Mail:

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