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Catalogue excerpts

» Ultra high-performance chain drive with 1500 N force of pressure and a 1000 mm stroke for SHEV and ventilation applications » Ideal for large, heavy NSHEV roof windows with sophisticated design requirements » Attractively shaped, slim appearance, goes perfectly with common post and beam constructions in roof areas

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CDP Series: The new dimension of power. Those who have yet to nd a solution combining high architectural chain drive goes perfectly with any modern design-conscious demands with SHEV drives for heavy NSHEV roof windows into architecture and offers an ideal solution for architectural SHEV a harmonious visual unit, will be delighted by the advent of our applications. If a 1500 N drive isn‘t sufficient, up to 4 drives high-performance CDP chain drive. Thanks to its ultra high- utilising proven BSY+ technology can be installed in order to open performance drive and extremely stable chain, the drive...

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Technical Data CDP models Nominal Connection values forces 24 V DC / 800 N 230 V AC / 71 VA / 50 W 3A 24 V DC / 230 V AC / 80 VA / 60 W 1000 N 3,3 A 24 V DC / 230 V AC / 107 VA / 80 W 1500 N 4A SHEV run-up time in 60 sec. 1000 mm stroke for a nominal load Service life SHEV temp. stability Model type Symmetrical chain outlet Run time in ventilation mode BSY+ parameterising and synchronised technology Cable connection pluggable, silicone cable Drive length CDP-TW models Nominal Connection values forces 24 V DC / 2 x 800 N 230 V AC / 142 VA / 100 W 6A 24 V DC / 2 x 1000 N 230 V AC / 160 VA / 120...

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CDP force of pressure diagram 3000 ation on the For more inform se visit: CDP Series, plea www.dh-par Symmetrical construction with an attractive curved design VNR-mode (Ventilation Noise Reduction) for especially quiet ventilation High efficiency, ultra quiet gearbox Optional adjustment of structural dimensions according to dimensional drawing High-performance chain made of hardened and galvanised steel with service life lubrication Highspeed function (-HS) for especially fast opening in the event of re (SHEV)

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CDP Series The systematic drive series. System house Gutmann® Extensive, system house specic bracket solutions are available with the CDP Series. Get an overview here: Flush Roof Vent Schüco® TECHNAL Wicona® One-of-a-kind bracket set solutions for secure, time-saving installation on roof window proles designed for power CDP Series

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The CDP-TW more design – more power 2 high-performance chains. 2 motors. 2 x 1500 N force of pressure. Roof windows can‘t even be heavy enough for this powerhouse: with 3000 N force of pressure, the CDP-TW from the CDP Series opens up some new perspectives. The Twinedition skilfully puts the focus on huge performance and stylish design. Inquiry form Interested in the CDP Series? Then please complete the detachable feedback form and send your inquiry to the fax number of your D+H Service and Sales Partner indicated on the reverse side. We are also happy to provide you with a phone consultation....

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Your D+H Service and Sales Partner: D+H Mechatronic AG Georg-Sasse-Straße 28-32 22949 Ammersbek Germany Phone: +49 40 60565 0 Telefax: +49 40 60565 222 E-Mail:

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