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Catalogue excerpts

AdComNet – safe bus communication for smoke and natural ventilation Powering your ideas!

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AdComNet. Complex scenarios under control. AdComNet is the bus communication system that links decentralised standard D+H SHEV controls to create a unified system. The innovative system communication is autonomous and highly secure. With this advanced bus communication design, AdComNet meets the highest requirements in safety, security and reliability. VdS approval has been applied for, and will make AdComNet the first certified SHEV bus system on the market. For practically any type of building. AdComNet’s application possibilities are very wide-ranging. It can be installed in virtually any building,...

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FO : fire detector supply RT: smoke vent button supply LT: vent button supply RZN: main power supply M Modern office building, provided with AdComNet. Not only the number of cables but also their length and the wire cross section were reduced significantly. M Building provided with a complex conventional cable routing.

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AdComNet. Decentralised. Flexible. Safe. With its decentralised system architecture, AdComNet links SHEV control panels easily and stably, so that even complex smoke removal and ventilation scenarios can be implemented and executed quickly and efficiently. It saves space in equipment rooms, and reduces the amount of wiring needed in the building. lity makes you flexible in the way you use your spaces. The complex and expensive installations and modifications that used to be necessary are now a thing of the past. As room use patterns change, AdComNet can be reconfigured to suit, without wiring...

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AdComNet. Modular. Versatile. Economical. Modular scaling. The modular structure of AdComNet makes it possible to expand or modify the system at any time, during installation or for later renovations or addi- tions. AdComNet is also simple to link to fire detection and building control technology. Model of an annex to an exisiting building Versatile programming. You can use AdComNet for SHEV and ventilation scenarios. Scenarios can be freely programmed and stored for both applications. Group configurations can be easily selected. More economical. You expect your investment not just to work, but...

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Applications. AdComNet links a large number of smoke ventilation controls, so that different scenarios and carefully planned processes work without fail when needed. This puts many applications at your Smoke ventilation. A fire breaks out on one floor. All persons in the building need to be evacuated safely. The scenarios for this emergency are stored in the AdComNet system. It immediately opens the windows on that floor, so that toxic smoke can escape. On the other floors where there is no fire, AdComNet shuts any open windows so that smoke cannot enter. It opens the closed windows in the stairwell...

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Thermal comfort and room air hygiene. Modern architecture often places special demands on technology. This applies to SHEV and controlled natural ventilation as well. Consider buildings with glass facades or atriums - in the summer months, the sun heats them up during the daytime. AdComNet integrates into the existing building automation and opens the electrically operated windows to cool the building during the night, for more comfort and lower air-conditioning costs the next day. Combined with its native SHEV, this makes AdComNet a multifunctional system. Weather protection. Rain and snow need...

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Technical characteristics and functions. AdComNet is a highly advanced bus system. It represents a unique combination of hardware components and function-oriented, user-friendly operating software. The system brings tog- ether all functionalities around smoke ventilation and controlled natural ventilation, and performs the necessary control and regulation processes safely and reliably. A SHEV system must have extremely fast reaction times and highly reliable data transmission. AdComNet combines these properties to perfection. Connection Module ACN-CM501. The Connection Module is a bus coupler...

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Bus Interface ACN-BI501-USB. The Bus interface is used to connect the AdComNet network to a PC USB port, for convenient configuration using the AdComNet Configurator. Network topologies. Whatever your plans for your building, AdComNet makes it simpler. Its many network topologies give you a wide range of options. Star, line, and stub networks, or combinations thereof, are easy to implement. Line network Stub network Star network Combinated network Safe functioning even across great distances. On-board routers and repeaters come standard with every ACN Connection Module or I/O Module. This keeps...

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Usability and intuitive operator guidance. D+H has put all its long experience The AdComNet configurator provides ease of operation. Users enjoy first- in smoke and natural ventilation into just this, and guides users through the class operability through the system this technology. AdComNet stands out program with ease. user interface. from other solutions in the way that it is easy to understand and operate In cooperation with a leading German for all users. Intuitive operation and technical university, we have subjec- perfect function charaterize a high- ted the software to extensive usability quality...

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AdComNet. Features and benefits. AdComNet combines our knowledge of smoke and natural ventilation functions, and their efficient regulation by means of electrically driven windows. ■ Simple implementation of complex ■ Very high level of safety thanks to SHEV scenarios ■ Perfect link to existing fire detection □ Autonomous function in the event or building control systems ■ Can be scaled up at any time ■ Use of space-saving SHEV controls ■ Extremely easy and fast of bus communication failure □ Safe data transmission □ Fully integrated SHEV functionality □ Application filed for VdS approval ■ Cost...

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