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Catalogue excerpts

Ecological heat Wood and Pellets Boilers Aspiro / Aspiro Combi / CL / CL Combi

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Ecological heat Pasqualicchio is ISO 9001 European Quality System Certified Our Vision “To take energy efficiency into every home” Our Mission “To identify solutions that respect the environment, creating products with reduced consumption, high efficiency and low emissions” wood and pellets boilers Aspiro » Aspiro Combi » CL » CL Combi Catalog v.2 www.pasqualicchio.it | info@ctpasqualicchio.it 2 Paolisi, is situated in the heart of the South Italy, in the Province of Benevento. A small municipality in the South of Italy that is home to Pasqualicchio since the 70’s. Offering biomass heating solutions...

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The Pasqualicchio family’s passion for the domestic “fireplace” is the milestone of an entrepreneurial experience that has its roots in the artisan production of domestic wood-burning stoves. All of this was kicked-off over 40 years ago by Vito Antonio Pasqualicchio. Innovative ideas took shape in his small laboratory, which reached industrial levels during the 90’s, when Francesco Pasqualicchio and, successively his brother, Ruggiero, took over the company. \ To take energy efficiency into every home 1971 - 1980 Vito Antonio Pasqualicchio started to create the first wood-burning stoves from his...

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Research and Development Centre Research and development, one target: the absolute efficiency Pasqualicchio Research and Development Centre The Pasqualicchio R&D Centre has advanced technological laboratories and uses the professionalism of the expert researchers and talented young university students. Through these resources and structures, it develops the initiatives envisioned within the ambit of the G.E.Pro. (Green Energy Project) Company Research Programme, dealing with the analysis and development of technologies with the goal of producing clean energy at low cost. The approach to the programme...

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sUSTAINABLE ENERGY 10 reasons to choose Pasqualicchio, ecological heat To identify solutions that respect the environment The use of alternative fuel costs much less with respect to traditional Thanks to the use of innovative materials, we can propose suitable solutions, able to reduce emissions. Our products combine performance, high quality and energy saving. Our products are designed to last through time. It is for this reason that we are at the forefront of research and in the study of techniques. Able to meet the customer’s requirements with respect for the environment. Years of experience...

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Wood and pellets Boilers Energy saving High quality materials easy cleaning For more info visit Us on www.pasqualicchio.it

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Certified product A jewel of technology and design, the Aspiro reverse flame boiler is one of our flagship products. Suitable for heating civil and industrial environments, it is preferred to biomass fuel boilers in those areas where wood is widely available. Aspiro is the high efficiency floor-standing wood-burning boiler. It is supplied with a system that allows to reduce residues to a minimum, thus burning all fuel. It bases its operation on the gasification of wood. The solid fuel, positioned in the upper compartment of the boiler (wood store), develops gases on contact with the embers produced...

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Aspiro » Operating layout Fumes extractor: ensures simultaneous expelling of fumes and intake of combustion agent air into the combustion chamber. Aspiro » Further details regarding components Fumes pathway: before being expelled, the fumes transfer their heat energy to the water contained in the cavity Copper coil: for the production of domestic hot water Lagging: to reduce heat loss to the outside to a minimum Gasification chamber: where combustible gases develop due to pyrolysis Smoke duct: for connection to the flue*. Switch: to attenuate flame intensity when door is opened Combustion agent...

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Aspiro Combi Certified product Description The Aspiro Combi boiler is suitable for heating civil environments. It can be connected to existing plants and is suitable for anyone having access to a large amount of wood and wanting to exploit its energy potential to solve heating costs, without losing the possibility of connecting a pellet burner for automatic operation. Features »» Access door to the shell and tube: completely inspectable »» Cast iron grid »» Cleaning brush »» Stainless steel extractor: with self-cleaning, radial vanes »» Multi-stage electronic control unit »» Cradle burner »» Epoxy...

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Aspiro Combi » Operating layout Electronic control unit: for automatic management of wood and pellet operation Aspiro Combi » Further details regarding components Additional combustion chamber to allow the combustion of pellets Cleaning and Auto Cleaning System ACS Automatic management Door switch Designed especially to control combustion; it has been developed through time and enhanced with new functionalities in order to make the entire product increasingly more easy and intuitive to use. As well as managing combustion, it also manages the hydraulic part of the plant through the pump. For wood...

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Certified product Description The CL wood burning boiler was developed from a simple idea: to make a traditional wood-burning boiler technologically advanced. Suitable for heating civil and industrial environments, it is preferred to biomass fuel boilers in those areas where wood and agricultural waste are widely available. Features »» Smoke 3-pass geometry: allows excellent heat exchange »» Large inlet: suitable for the introduction of large pieces of wood »» Adjustment damper »» Thermostat: with mechanical adjustment of the boiler temperature »» Firebox bottom in refractory material »» Epoxy...

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Fumes pathway: designed with 3-pass geometry to maximise efficiency CL » Further details regarding components Wood combustion chamber: allows a large amount of fuel to be loaded Water cavity: heat exchanger where the hot fumes are conveyed Cleaning and Auto Cleaning System ACS Automatic management Upper door: for inspection/maintenance of fumes pass Lagging: to reduce heat loss to the outside to a minimum The boiler is managed in a completely mechanical manner by the damper that adjusts the intake of combustion agent air in the combustion chamber. The purpose of the system is always that of taking...

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