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S500 - S600 - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Multifunctionality is our philosophy. With Multione we have become world leaders in the production and distribution of multifunctional machines that have already been chosen by thousands of people worldwide for their versatility and userfriendliness. The Multione range of machines is the best compromise between performance and operation economy, which stands out in the market for its innovation, technology and design. Multione machines are a great help to all maintenance works, landscapers, DIY, as well as for small building sites. An individual Multione machine adapts to various fields of application...

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A WINNING COMBINATION EXTRAORDINARY VERSATILITY to work even in the most difficult places, impossible to be reached with other machines. everything you need to meet all requirements, thanks to over 170 different attachments. REFINED AND ELEGANT DESIGN studied in detail in order to offer great comfort. assuring an easy controllable power thanks to user-friendly controls; quality technical solutions for high performance and maximum reliability. WORK SPEED efficiency and convenience at the highest levels. COMPACT SIZE

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FRAME Multione machines feature a sturdy articulated frame with a central joint that allows maximum maneuverability also in very narrow spaces, as well as an excellent stability also on very rough grounds or on slopes. Built with heavy duty bearings guarantees long life and reduced maintenance.

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SAFETY AND STABILITY The roll bar is made of heavy duty steel to assure a complete protection of the operator. The load sensor acoustic warning device promptly warns the operator in the event that the rear wheels are about to lose grip from the ground and when an excessive front loading is detected. 4-wheel drive (4WD) assures ultimate grip even on difficult terrain and conditions while the self-locking differential (DBS - dynamic block system) is useful to operate on soft grounds avoiding damaging them. The driver sitting in the front and the engine positioned down in the rear, assure a correct...

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COMFORT The driver's seat is designed to offer maximum comfort even for a long period of use, ensuring high operational efficiency levels. FRONT DRIVING POSITION Driver’s seat on the front frame for excellent visibility. The attachment used and the work area are always under the driver eyes during both maneuvering and use. The adjustable ergonomic seat with armrests offers a spacious and comfortable sitting for stocky operators.

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DASHBOARD AND JOYSTICK The control panel is located to the right of the driver's seat. All the instruments are intuitive and ergonomically arranged to be in reach of the operator. A programmed electronic maintenance system is provided in order to help the operator in planning interventions. The joystick controls the movements of the boom and controls the attachments in a simple and precise manner. The switches operate additional commands, such as lights, external 12V power supply, release of the differential (DBS), etc. 11 JOYSTICK FUNCTIONS Multione S600 is equipped with a 11-function electronic...

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TELESCOPIC AND SELF-LEVELLING BOOM Multione is the only machine equipped with a double-H telescopic boom, which conveys extreme resistance and keeps the load close to the vehicle, thus allowing great lifting capacity. Multione's telescopic boom: > it has a significant extension in length, which allows to reach the farthest points and also not easily accessible areas, as well as great dumping heights and outreach > it has special anti-friction pads, which ensure operation, durability and lack of maintenance > it assures an excellent front visibility at any time, even while moving and lifting >...

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ENGINE Multione S500 mounts 20 to 25 HP diesel Kubota engines; while Multione S600 is equipped with a Yanmar 28 HP diesel engine. All engines feature 3 liquid-cooled cylinders. The optimum balance between performance and driving torque is always available, thus allowing optimal performance in terms of both power and transfer speed. The engine compartment and its components are easily accessible for routine maintenance so that the operator can quickly perform all the operations of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The motors are certified in accordance with the highest regulatory standards...

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HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT AND HIFLOW SYSTEM Multione is designed to transfer all the power of the engine to the attachment to ensure topquality professional results and efficiency. > 4 Wheel Direct Drive agility and traction on any ground. > 4 Heavy Duty hydrostatic wheel motors: high-power, great control and reliability. > Dynamic block system (DBS): it makes the machine ideal for working on delicate ground or lawns that cannot be damaged. > Torque divider: traction is assured also on icy or muddy grounds by the breakdown of torque to the drive wheels. Multione S600 is powered by 3 pumps with separate...

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QUICK MULTICONNECTOR Multione is equipped with quick multiconnector, an innovative coupling system for front attachments that allow the connection of the hydraulic lines in a few seconds without stress. The system consists of two connectors with male-female coupling device. One plate is fixed on the machine and the other is located on the attachment. The coupling is simple and only takes a few seconds. Just place the two plates one against the other and operate the attachment lock/unlock lever by hand. What are the advantages of this device? > Speed and ease in connecting attachments. > Release...

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CABIN Multione offers different types of cabin according to the needs of the operator and to the desired comfort level, without limiting the visibility in the movement phase. “SMART” CABIN The "Smart" cabin is the most competitive solution for the operator who wants to have a machine that really improves the working conditions, providing protection against weathering that can reduce operational efficiency. CABIN INNER LINING The inner lining in eco-leather provides the cabin with a further acoustic and thermal insulation for superior comfort. “TOP” CABIN The "Top" cabin with thermal and blue tinted...

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