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M Series - 36 Pages

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M Series
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Catalogue excerpts

Multione with its versatility is ideal for all maintenance works: in few seconds, thanks to the attachments that can be connected to the quick coupling plate of the lifting boom, it will become a lawnmower, a rotary brush, an auger, a compact loader and many more. Multione is the final result of a careful study to meet the needs of small gardeners, landscaping contractors, municipalities, for small contractors engaged in building, refurbishment or even laying tiled floors. Multione is the ideal machine for who ever likes the “Do-it-Yourself” too ! Multione is a combination between technology and...

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The most compact 4-wheels machine‘s The 4-wheels machines of M Series are M20D, M23B and M28D. It is a range mainly focused on compact dimensions, multifunctional capacities and suitable to customers who need professional machines. These machines can be equipped with more than 50 attachments and for this reason they are suitable for private and municipal maintenance, for green keeping, for small contractors engaged in restructuring and building as well as in paving floors. The innovative design applied even to the smallest detail together with the high balance between weight and power, place M...

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The chassis, in high resistant steel, is articulated by joints with “Heavy Duty” bearings, to grant a real manoeuvrability in narrow spaces. It is extremely long lasting and a very little maintenance is needed. The dimensions of both half-chassis, the front and rear one, allows the machine to reach even very difficult corner of the working area. All machines are available with tractor or turf tyres.

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Comfort and drive seat With an advanced machine as Multione M, the operator finds: • Comfortable and ergonomic seat, which keeps the operator’s body in a correct position even while working on rough grounds. • Standard folding arms rest. • Driving controls easy to reach, for keeping a natural drive and comfortable position even after many working hours. • Noise level lower than the values fixed by the CE regulations, to avoid noise and stress while working.

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• Roll-bar with Plexiglas® roof, to protect the operator while working. • Two bright working lights, positioned in a sheltered position from knocks/impacts. • User-friendly active controls, to prevent the unintentional activation of attachments. • Control panel with optical signals for engine, temperatures and levels. They are all clearly placed in the dashboard, on the right of the operator. • M Series is designed to offer a wide visibility on every direction. In fact, visibility means safety for the operator which must control the machine in any situation with no dark coner around him. • The...

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Weight distribution The engine is placed in a very low position in the rear chassis that gives the machine a perfect balance on the distribution of the weight with the following advantages: • Extreme stability in any conditions. The best of its kind. • Great lifting capacity, coming from the right weight distribution. • Perfect gripping ability and traction capacity on any surface, thanks to the powerful, proportional 4WD hydraulic transmission. Progressive Dynamic Block System • Maximum traction without damaging the working surface. • Adjustable by the operator, thanks to a hand grip placed on...

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Hydraulic power 3 pumps hydraulic system with separated circuits to reach always the best performances. Thanks to this system the attachments receive constantly the oil- flow to grant the maximum results of the attachments, independently from the transmission system and the boom controls. Standard independent radiator for hydraulic circuit.

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Petrol engine, certified emissions M23B mounts a versatile petrol Briggs & Stratton engine, of the Vanguard series, conceived to respect the environments but also to offer the best in terms of power, reliability and lasting. It is a 2-cylinders engine, which delivers a full 23 Hp with a very high torque. It has a vertical-shaft structure that enabled CSF to create a really compact machine, very similar to an utility ATVs. It is a very trustful engine granted for thousands of working hours and covered by a warranty of 2 (two) years time.

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Diesel: the choice for Professionals Diesel engine: powerful and tireless. It is for sure the favourite engine from the professional users. M20D and M28D mount a diesel engine respectively of 20 and 28 Hp. Both are a 3-cylinders engine, water cooled, strong and powerful, for working under every condition. Covered by a 2-years warranty period, these engines are already in conformity with the latest anti-pollution regulations. The weight of the engine, mounted on the rear side of the machine, increases the lifting capacity, by reaching top values in this machines’ category. 11

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• 3WD machine with steering rear wheel • Zero turning radius for operating in narrow spaces. • Hydrostatic transmission with drive control to avoid wheels skidding and for driving without problems on any surfaces, • Yanmar diesel engine, 12 HP single-cylinder, air-cooled, with low consumption and strong torque, capable to offer to the machine all the power needed by the different applications. • Front boom with universal quick coupling, for more than 10 different attachments. • Self-levelling kit, for keeping the load always steady. • Available with tractor or turf tyres.

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Until today private and professional maintenance’s jobs have been carried out using tools with limited performances, with the operator walking behind the machine or performing the task manually: but with M14D you can forget about this old way of working! More than a small tractor, more than a 2-wheel-tractor, M14D is your multi-purpose tool, the only 3-wheels machine of the Multione range, specially developed for people who want to maintain their own garden and grounds’, for handicrafts, for small maintenance, for stable yards and for touristic facilities. The exception that proves the rule

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Who needs the M Series? Considering the features of M Series, the catchment area is quite wide: • • • • • • • • Green keepers: lawn mowing, hedge cutting, earth moving, pruning collection Small building contractors: earth moving, pallet lifting, concrete mixing Hirers: for contractors and private users Farms: stalls cleaning, feed distribution, silage handling Civil Service: public property, snow removal, cemeteries -jobs, green keeping Civil defence: small excavations, emergency road repairs, debris and rubble clearing Nurseries: handling of plants in vase and in clod. Bathing establishment:...

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