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Catalogue excerpts


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PROMOTING BUILDING CULTURE WORLDWIDE THE BENCHMARK IN ITALY AND BEYOND This is the desire that has taken Colorificio San Marco to become leader in Italy in the production and marketing of paints and varnishes for building professionals. With over 80 years’ experience and driven by the passion for our work, we are very future-focused, taking our Italian brand to exciting new markets. COLORIFICIO SAN MARCO MADE IN ITALY KNOW-HOW Colorificio San Marco is the parent company of the San Marco Group, established in the ‘30s as Pietro Tamburini & A., which became Colorificio San Marco in 1962, and which...

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STRONG TIES WITH VENICE, THE DEPARTURE POINT OF AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNEY Pietro Tamburini was born in Venice in 1890 in a house close to a grocery store that sold spices and coloured clays to local artisans. By frequenting the store and helping the manager, Pietro applied his humility and enthusiasm, and picked up a basic knowledge about the world of paints. In 1930 he began selling earths and others painting-related materials to stores for several producers, but his entrepreneurial spirit quickly prompted him to start up his own business. Thus Pietro Tamburini & A. was established as a Treviso-based...

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EXTENSIVE SALES NETWORK MATCHED WITH WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION For Colorificio San Marco, internationalization is good for business but it brings with it a cultural enrichment. After establishing its sales network in Italy, moving into the ‘80s, Colorificio San Marco set forth on an ambitious growth strategy. The approach combined an intelligent development of the specific market with the broad scope of its growth and know-how, and an experience built on over 8 decades of history. Outside Italy, Colorificio San Marco is now present in over 100 countries and 6 continents worldwide. The sales and manufacturing...

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A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS AND THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES TO CREATE GREAT INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS To strengthen its research efforts, Colorificio San Marco regularly reviews each product, making assessments and analyses using independent laboratories that have numerous accreditations, as a guarantee to end users. Colorificio San Marco’s success stems from using innovative tools and well qualified personnel, often young university graduates who bring in value with their freshness and dynamism. Having ongoing cooperations in place with schools and colleges allows students to fit into a working company and...

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TOP-COATS AND ENAMELS WOOD LINE A BROAD RANGE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, TO MEET ALL THE BUILDING INDUSTRY’S NEEDS WALL COATINGS brush quartz paints unimarc line marconol line PROFESSIONAL SYSTEMS acrisyl acrylic-siloxane system neptunus dehumidifying systems thickness plastic coatings FIXATIVES AND WALL INSULATING wall primers bonding undercoats marcosil silicate system PUTTIES, ADHESIVES AND READY-MIXED PRODUCTS system for concrete repair adhesives for coating system marcotherm thermal insulation coating system neptunus siloxane system elastomarc elastomeric system consolidating and protective...

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ASSISTANCE AND LOGISTICS: QUICKER - MORE EFFICIENT The experience of Colorificio San Marcos technical department allows us to successfully address all issues regarding surface and finish: from initial site analysis to colour definition and the most suitable application systems, we provide technical reports which are specific - and free - for drawing up the sections, technical requirements, for applying for insurance policies at works completion, through to post-sale support with the aid of instrument analysis onsite. Our technical assistance has all the answers and solutions to questions on products,...

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euro beton TRAINING AS A TOOL FOR SUCCESS AND MARKET COMPETITIVENESS TRAINING CENTER, WORKSHOPS, CERTIFICATIONS: ONGOING TRAINING AND UPDATING At Colorificio San Marco we strongly believe in training as pivotal for our business policy, considering it to be one of the main tools for our customers' success and competitiveness. Training is all about being kept constantly up to speed on products and application systems, but it also engages the management people of the distribution sector. With this in mind, Colorificio San Marco has invested significant resources over the years in developing a complete...

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“THE SUSTAINABLE WAY” At Colorificio San Marco, taking the “sustainable way” is all about fulfilling the needs of the current generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to fulfil theirs. Thus, we seek to build internal and external processes oriented to safeguarding the environment and to efficiently using resources in three core areas: Transport of raw materials to Colorificio San Marco Extraction and processing raw materials Control over hazardous chemicals through the ongoing application of a conversion plan that aims to reduce chemical risks for those who manufacture...

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PRODUCTION GROWTH AND TERRITORIAL EXPANSION WITH CUSTOMIZED ITALIAN QUALITY PRODUCTS THE FUTURE FOR COLORIFICIO SAN MARCO Aware of the wealth of knowledge developed over eighty years and expanded through our international experience, today Colorificio San Marco aims at ensuring professionalism, making quality products, providing excellent service, and promoting the culture of building restoration and the value of Italian expertise around the world. The road to the future is one along which we will increasingly tailor our products to the needs of individual markets, and implement a marketing strategies...

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THE SAN MARCO GROUP: A CONTINUALLY-EVOLVING BUSINESS PROJECT With our 80-year experience in manufacturing and marketing paints and wall-coverings for the building industry professional, Colorificio San Marco is a sector leader in Italy and parent company of the San Marco Group. The various Group brands, whether acquired or internally developed, have made it possible to expand business opportunities among new markets, new audiences, and new applications. Each company has a precise role, and the Group has the task of perfecting their qualities and defining positioning, reducing overlaps and taking...

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