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Catalogue excerpts


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The accumulation of experiences becomes a cultural rising, including that material culture which is the history of the artefacts of a nation. It is the historical-cultural training to the excellence and quality that makes “Made in Italy” a worldwide highly recognizable brand. Ceam is constantly improving since 1962, in the most appreciated furniture industrial district in the world, to bring in all five continents a product exclusively “Made in Italy”, synonymous of design, quality and reliability. L’accumulation d’expériences se transforme en croissance de la culture, y compris de la culture...

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Company Ceam Amadeo Spa was born in 1962, thanks to the pushing curiosity of Celesteantonio Amadeo who, throwing out the cow from the family stable, placed the first machine for metallic manufactures, creating a vital link in the chain that forms the classy furniture industrial district of Lombardy. Following market trends, first Italian, then European and later worldwide, Ceam has grown year after year specializing in theproduction of concealed hinges for cabinets, tables, doors, besides other metallic components for furniture making. Today the second generation, the enthusiasm of Marina and...

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The hinge must be mechanically reliable and suitable to allow the safe movement of the door during its entire function. The functionality must be guaranteed in the long term, well beyond the normal warranty standard. For this purpose, it’s all inside the industrial plant Cermenate, Como, where are carried out all stages of Ceam’s production process: from design, tool making, through moulding, cuttings and turnings of the best materials, ending with the automatic assembly and logistic department. La charnière doit être fiable et conforme sur le plan mécanique pour permettre un mouvement sûr de...

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Invisible hinges with three axes adjustments Charnières invisibles avec réglage sur trois axes Türbänder, verdeckt liegend, dreidimensional verstellbar Invisible hinges with two axes adjustments Charnières invisibles avec réglage sur deux axes Türbänder verdeckt liegend, zweidimensional verstellbar Invisible hinges Charnières invisibles Türbänder, verdeckt liegend Accessories Accessoires Zubehör Wedge for supporting vertical adjustment Cale de support réglage vertical Klemmplatte Höhenverstellung Pag. 69 Adjustment kit Kit de réglage Verstell-Werkzeug Pag. 69 40 Drilling template Gabarit de perçage...

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HINGES LOAD CAPACITY CHART TABLE DE PORTÉE DES CHARNIÈRES TABELLE TRAGFÄHIGKEIT DER BÄNDER DISEGNI RELATIVI A TUTTA LA GAMMA Diese Werte gelten für Türen bis 2100 mm Höhe. Door weight triple than its load-bearing capacity Yielding verification FRICTION TORQUE Yielding verification Door weight as per load-bearing chart Friction check every 30° up to 180° 200 000 cycles de 0÷90° Poids de la porte avec le double de la charge Vérification affaissements Poids de la porte avec le triple de la charge Vérification affaissements Vérification frottements tous les 30° jusqu’à 180° ZEICHNUNGEN BEZOGEN AUF...

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Raw materials - Matières premières utilisées - Werkstoffe Raw materials - Matières premières utilisées - Werkstoffe STEEL: Iron-based alloy, which contains a variable percentage of carbon in the range of 0.1% ÷ 2%. Steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world for its strength, complete recyclability, high mechanical resistance, pliability and elasticity. Furthermore, it can gain mechanical resistance and toughness through repeated tempering. ZAMA: Zinc-based alloy, which contains a percentage of aluminium in the range of 3% - 5%, and a percentage of copper in the range of 1% - 3%....

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Series S.T.A.R.S. main features System with three independent adjustable axes - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fluid 180° opening The innovative patented system with internal sliding, allows to reduce hinges depth till a minimum of 18 mm “BEST IN CLASS” Minimum door thickness: 28 ÷ 38 mm Minimum door jamb thickness: 18 ÷ 29 mm Manufactured in 3 different materials: Zamak, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Complete reversibility thanks to the perfect symmetry of the two hinge sides (same slot on the door and the frame) Total recessed hinge body: the gap between door and frame is very small (burglary proof)...

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Patented model - Modele brevete - Patentiertes Modell Slot measurement Mesures du logement Mafie der Ausfrasung 1430mm.128x22 Invisible adjustable hinges for doors Charnieres invisibles reglables pour portes Turbander, verdeckt liegend, verstellbar Cod. CI001430 xxx00 Available in 11 finishes. Please see the inside cover flap. Disponible en 11 finitions. Voir le rabat de couverture. In 11 Oberflachenausfuhrungen erhaltlich. Siehe Umschlagklappe. MAIN FEATURES: Ceam launches S.T.A.R.S. Evo, the 3D concealed hinge evolution. The evolved mechanism ensures a fluid translational movement which allows to...

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Patented model - Modèle breveté - Patentiertes Modell Adjustment guidelines Lignes directrices de réglage Verstell-Anleitung Depth adjustment Réglage en profondeur Andruckverstellung Invisible adjustable hinges for doors Charnières invisibles réglables pour portes Türbänder, verdeckt liegend, verstellbar Remove the covers Retirer les cache-vis Abdeckblenden entfernen Vertical adjustment Réglage vertical Höhenverstellung Insert the clip covers Insérer les cache-vis à clip Abdeckblenden einsetzen Horizontal adjustment Réglage horizontal Seitenverstellu

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Patented model - Modèle breveté - Patentiertes Modell Slot measurement Mesures du logement Maße der Ausfräsung Invisible adjustable hinges for doors Charnières invisibles réglables pour portes Türbänder, verdeckt liegend, verstellbar Available in 10 finishes. Please see the inside cover flap. Disponible en 10 finitions. Voir le rabat de couverture. In 10 Oberflächenausführungen erhältlich. Siehe Umschlagklappe. - Manufactured in zamak in 10 different finishes - Suitable for doors of 38 mm min. thickness - Total length 160 mm - Depth 29 mm - 3D adjusting system S.T.A.R.S. - Load capacity up to...

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