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Infinity Series Fan Coil Consumer Brochure - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Infinity® Series Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency with Variable-Speed Performance

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Over 100 years ago, a humble but determined engineer solved one of mankind’s most elusive challenges by controlling the indoor environment. A leading engineer of his day, Dr. Willis Carrier would file more than 80 patents over the course of his career. His genius would enable incredible advancements in health care, manufacturing processes, food preservation, art and historical conservation, indoor comfort and much more. Carrier’s foresight changed the world forever and paved the way for over a century of once-impossible innovations. Yet in addition to being an accomplished inventor, he was also...

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Heating Consistency Electric resistance heaters ensure your comfort during the heating season as outdoor temperatures drop to extremes. Our high-tech, corrosion-free composite base pan with its integrated sloped drainage system helps circumvent the build-up of mold, bacteria and other airborne pollutants. Intelligent Comfort Control The Infinity® control board allows the fan coil to connect to the Infinity control in your home for the ultimate in comfort control. Smart electronics track previous cycles and allow the system to automatically adjust the heating and cooling stages for the best comfort...

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Carrier® Systems for Unmatched Performance in Every Season Willis Carrier’s meticulous attention to quality and detail led to a major culture shift in the way we live indoors. More than a century later, Carrier Corporation operates with a unique willingness to develop new technology, the confidence to revise proven designs and the ability to deliver results with every new installation. Part of that equation is our nationwide network of experts you can turn to for all of your indoor comfort needs. Your local Carrier dealer is well equipped to evaluate your home – everything from size, window placement,...

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