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Carrier Geothermal Comfort Systems - Consumer Brochure

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Geothermal Comfort Systems As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Carrier Corporation has determined that the Geothermal Comfort System meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

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The Carrier® Geothermal Advantage Throughout Carrier's historic 100-year legacy, the company has provided millions of homeowners with the finest comfort systems available. Using state-of-the-art furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps, Carrier dealers are experts when it comes to customized home comfort systems. But it doesn't end there. Carrier also offers a complete line of exceptional geothermal comfort systems for your home. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space...

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Free Energy From the Earth Geothermal systems can be installed with a variety of loop system configurations. “Closed loops” use re-circulated fluid in a series of pipes installed vertically, horizontally, or in a pond. “Open loops” use well water. Your dealer will determine which design works best for your home. Horizontal Loops: Used on larger lots. Installed using a backhoe or trencher. Pond Loops: Coils of pipe are fabricated and sunk to the bottom of the pond. Vertical Loops: Used where land area is limited or soil conditions prohibit horizontal loops. Installed using a drilling rig....

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Geothermal Product Selection Guide Package Units Family Models Applications GT-PX 50YD(V,H,D) Ultimate luxury Exceptional comfort and performance AHRI Ratings (13256-1) Closed Loop (GLHP) Ground Water (GWHP) Refrigerant Compressor Blower 3.6 - 4.7 COP 16.7 - 29.4 EER 4.3 - 5.3 COP 22.3 - 35.1 EER Puron® refrigerant Two-stage unloading scroll Variable-speed ECM Vertical Upflow, Vertical Downflow, Horizontal GT-PG GT-PB 50YE(V,H,D) 50YF(V,H) Upscale Compact Performance Great choice for High-performing excellent performance compact unit loaded and reliability with features 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5,...

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Geothermal Product Selection Guide Splits Family Models Applications Sizes AHRI Ratings (13256-1) Closed Loop (GLHP) Ground Water (GWHP) Refrigerant Compressor Blower Cabinet Configurations Stages (* with aux.) Control Air Coil Air Filter Loop Pump(s) Desuperheater Auxiliary Heat Zone Control ENERGY STAR® rated Dealer Notes GT-PCS Indoor Split 50YGS Versatility Great performance Used with air handler or gas furnace 2, 3, 4, 5 GT-PCS Outdoor Split 50YGP Easy Replacement for conventional AC unit Used with air handler or gas furnace 2, 3, 4, 5 3.7 - 4.6 COP 16.6 - 25.1 EER 4.2 - 5.3 COP 21.3 -...

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Key Features Carrier offers a wide range of model options and configurations to fit a variety of applications. Our most popular models include the following product features and benefits. Main Product Features l Copeland Ultra-Tech™ two-stage unloading l Energy savings, comfort, dehumidification, reliability, quiet operation scroll compressor (single-stage scroll compressor on GT-PG) l Variable-speed ECM fan (optional GT-PG) l Energy savings, comfort, dehumidification, quiet operation l Durability, long life l Foil faced insulation in blower section l Quiet operation, cleanable l Filter...

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Frequently Asked Questions Q: How efficient are geothermal heat pump systems? A: Actual efficiencies will depend on a number of factors, but generally speaking a geothermal heat pump can be three to five times more efficient at providing heat than a gas, propane or oil furnace based on the amount of energy consumed to provide a given amount of heat. For cooling, a geothermal system is generally 30-50% more efficient than an air conditioner or heat pump. Q: Why are geothermal heat pumps so efficient? A: Geothermal heat pumps use the ground temperatures as a “source” for heat energy during...

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Frequently Asked Questions (con’t) Q: Can a geothermal unit be combined with a gas or propane furnace? A: Yes. Some homeowners like the benefits of both technologies. In this case, a geothermal “split” unit (compressor only) is connected to a furnace and cooling coil. The geothermal unit will perform all the cooling and some of the heating. During the coldest days, the system switches over to furnace operation. This type of system may be a good choice for a replacement installation. Q: Can the existing duct work and electrical service be used? A: Generally, the existing duct work can be...

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