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Artisan - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The obsession with precision and flawless motion makes Artisan folding doors simply perfect. Maybe that’s why Artisan folding doors are turning up in more prestige residential buildings and commercial projects all over Australia. Artisan.emt incorporates a technologically advanced folding door system that surpasses that of ordinary bi-folds. Utilising Effortless Motion Technology (emt), Artisan folding doors create harmony, balance and a greater sense of ease. Artisan folding doors move and feel like no other, because it’s made like no other. At the heart of it all – Effortless Motion Technology (emt) and Capral’s AGS ‘Smart Hinge’ and ‘Easy Gliding’ Channel makes Artisan quietly the best and smoothest door on the market. Effortless Motion Technology creates a moving wall that is flawless in operation while creating a larger than normal door opening where views become vistas that bring outdoor pleasure to any interior environment. Years of research and development were dedicated to producing the ultimate folding door system. From simplifying the fabricating process to creating a stronger yet smoother and much quieter folding door to operate and maintain. Form, function and flawless motion are what the Artisan folding door is all about.

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Slim operating handle with adjustable positioning height Lockable twin bolt mechanism for additional security Up to 6 point locking system which allows entry from both sides Quietly the best and smoothest folding door Maximum Product Performance for door size 3000mm x 4000mm*. Based on four panel configuration • Serviceablility Wind Pressure: • Ultimate Wind Pressure: • Water Penetration Resistance: • STC Rating: • WERS Cooling Stars: • WERS Heating Stars: Door configurations can be custom made to your design requirements. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Super strong head Heavy duty roller, capable of taking...

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