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Catalog excerpts


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Considered to be one of the key players in hotel equipment, Caddie presents a complete range of carts and supplies to respond to all service, handling and storage needs within your hotel. Using top-of-the-range materials, Caddie offers different finishes which will harmonise perfectly with your interior décor.

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THE FRONT DESK Your customer’s first impressions begin to take shape as soon as they enter your hotel complex. Giving them the best possible reception by responding to their expectations and spontaneously satisfying their wishes is part of our aim. To contribute to an elegant, modern and professional approach, Caddie offers a large choice of uprights and guide ropes, information holders, garment rails...

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LUGGAGE HANDLING When customers arrive, one of the first services the hotel carries out is luggage management. By ensuring a quick, efficient reception, you free your customers of all constraints. Caddie has developed various models of carts and hand trucks for group or individual use. Thanks to their original design and their immaculate finishes, these carts may remain in the hotel lobby permanently and thus perfectly harmonise with the atmosphere of your reception area. Front desk / Luggage Luggage carts for groups brushed gold plating ref. 9 972 09 09 Suitcase capacity Brushed gold plating Brushed...

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CADDIE TRANSBAG Lighter, chromed and solid, they are mobile thanks to their swivel casters. The CADDIE Transbag range of luggage carts meet all the luggage transport requirements in all categories of hotels. • A thick, hard-wearing carpet covers the lower platform. Wraparound grey non-marking base bumper. • A stylish blend of sophistication and high-end finish. • Non marking bumpers to protect the walls. • 200 mm diameter casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel), with rubber tread, ensure silent and comfortable running. Transbag 1 and 3: a choice of 3 colours of carpet: grey, red or black. 100% tufted polyamide....

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COLYSÉE This new compact cart, with its sleek contemporary and ergonomic design, is tailor-made for the transport of individual luggage. • Thanks to its rear large casters and its front swivel casters, Colysée is highly manoeuvrable. • Also discreet whilst in use with its rubber tread casters. • Sloping upper and lower platforms for easy loading and good hold of luggage. • Fitted with a front wraparound bumper to protect your walls • Perfectly nestable, it reduces the congestion of carts in their storage area • Wide area for customized plate Front desk / Luggage Luggage carts for guest use Type...

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LUGGAGE HAND TRUCK • Retractable kick stand for easy horizontal loading. • Ergonomic: sloped platform for easy loading. > Hand truck ref. 9 972 70 11 Type Suitcase capacity Hand Truck Hand Truck Colysée accessories > ADDIE PARK LOCKING SYSTEM C ref. 4 499 74 55 Factory mounting: 9 001 12 97 > Wall-mounted starting chain. 1000 mm. Ref: 1 762 28 03 With mounting plate and key for CP locking systems. > Customized plate ref. 9 901 21 97 Customizable with your brand logo

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CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM Getting around in a new place can be natural and spontaneous if there is sufficient guidance. By efficiently helping your customers, they will avoid any unnecessary stress. Our range of uprights and guide ropes make it much easier to welcome guests in the entrance hall of each hotel. Among the numerous finishes offered by Caddie, you will easily find the one which harmonises best with the atmosphere of your reception area. / / / / FRONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / FRONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / FRONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / FR Front desk / Guiding Crowd control...

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CADDIE GUIDFLEX RANGE CADDIE GUIDFLEX uprights and ropes are used for organization, information and protection in public areas. • The Guidflex posts are very stable due to their iron pedestal (9 kg) • 4-way post connection, allowing each post to simultaneously receive up to 4 ropes from any direction. • Ropes are available in different colors according to your lobby style. RONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / FRONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / FRONT DESK / CROWD CONTROL SYSTEM / End guards Velvet ropes Chrome finish Polished solid brass Chrome finish Polished solid brass

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POSTS WITH RETRACTABLE BELT SYSTEM Post are equipped with a self-retracting belt mechanism Slow belt retraction thanks to our internally placed centrifugal belt braking guide. Tightly woven belt maintains shape. Front desk / Guiding Posts with retractable belt system > OSTS with retractable belt system P chrome post - red belt ref. 8 890 42 53 > OSTS with retractable belt system P black post - black belt ref. 8 890 41 56 >Post head red belt ref. 8 890 42 53 Belt Post Wall unit > all unit W blue belt ref. 8 890 45 54 Wall mounting > Post 13kg with a non marking protective rubber sole On request:...

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INFORMATION PANEL HOLDERS DISPLAY GRILLS 4-way post connection, allowing each post to simultaneously receive up to 4 ropes from any direction and allows you to complete your signage. Matching design to fit with the environment and enhancing the exhibit. Recognized for permanent and temporary exhibitions, used by many communities throughout Europe, electrolytically galvanized grid EXPO.CADDIE is the obvious solution for all venues. They can be mounted either horizontally or vertically onto the uprights. The frames are extremely easy to use and changing your document is simple, intuitive and fast. Information...

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THE HOUSEKEEPING The hotel is best discovered upon entering the bedroom. As it is your customer’s home for the next few days, it must always be highly welcoming. This space should be cleaned and maintained easily and regularly. For several decades, Caddie has been an international reference within the housekeeping industry. The new range of housekeeping trolley Caddie Valet LOTUS combines efficiency, comfort and pleasure of use. The aim: to reduce the difficulties associated with housekeeping work and improve productivity. / / / / HOUSEKEEPING / HOUSEKEEPING / HOUSEKEEPING / HOUSEKEEPING / HOUSEKEEPING...

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