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Catalog excerpts

consumer experienc^ \ * Survey conducted by Zed Marketing on French consumers in April 2013. © ispstock2 - Memberof ALTIA Group Technological alliance

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For liberating and positive consum Experience socially responsible and sustainable shopping.

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Caddie&Motion liberates the shopping experience and contributes to the image enhancement of supermarkets.

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In close connection with a trusted French brand! / / / / CADDIE&MOTION / / / / Adheres to brand values Caddie&Motion, invites you to be a part of the Caddie legend Since 1957, the Caddie brand continues to assist consumers all over the world. Our specialist expertise in self-service trolleys of a French groupe created in 1928 enables us to provide innovative, reliable and quality products to benefit consumers of all ages, in their daily lives all over the world. Caddie&Motion is a natural and modern development to the original icon MAKING it relevant to today’s way of life. Caddie&Motion enhances...

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Experience socially responsible, sustainable shopping. Caddie&Motion, is a responsible trolley preserve the social wellbeing of your consumers Caddie proposes a new definition of HYbrid. Equitable contributes to the business performance of retailers Environmental Viable contributes to a peaceful environment The HY-MOTION HYBRID TECHNOLOGY IS a new concept inspired by the automobile industry. Caddie&Motion combines: Optimised handling performance, improved hygiene through a basket bottom made out of coated steel mesh eliminating retention areas, and the promise of comfort confirmed by consumers*. Basket...

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Caddie&Motion liberates the shopping experience and contributes to: enhance the brand’s citizen image of retailers. increase sales. / / / / C A D D I E & M O T I O N / / / / Fo r a l i b e r a t e d s h o p p i n g e x p e r i e n c e An innovative design to create emotion capturing both original and differentiating identity. An elegant and dynamic line that shapes the identity of Caddie&Motion contributing to its strength of expression. Flowing lines integrating bumpers. Caddie&Motion is a smart trolley that follows shopping behaviour. For a liberated and unrestricted shopping experience. Front...

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/ / / / CADDIE&MOTION / / / / Experience responsible shopping BRAND ENHANCEMENT Caddie&Motion contributes to the development of a more civic and social image of supermarkets. It is the cornerstone of customer relationships through its Caddiroc® colour coated basket representing your brand and promoting customer loyalty. Caddiroc® basket colour coating adapts Caddie&Motion to your visual identity. Personalised surface integrated in the handle. ERGONOMICS & MODULARITY Ideally sized, with a slim basket designed to improve ergonomics and provide better comfort in the shopping experience by making...

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Effective features to improve sales Purchasing capacity Reference Weight Nesting Line of 10 trolleys ERGONOMICS Dimensions Nesting depth accessibility (A) Basket depth (B) Base height (C) Front basket depth (D) Basket length A smart trolley that follows shopping patterns Standard Ovaly handle + coin lock Ovaly handle without coin lock* RelaXt handle + coin lock RelaXt handle without coin lock Integrated lateral and front handles Caddistar wheels Roulstop 2 wheels Composite silence kits Caddistar C Composite wheels Bag hook Divider Multi-purpose seat: +10L Pack holder: +20L Lower storage tray :...

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