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the open view company BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLA Seesky-BIO is a pergola system which allows to increase living areas without any additional construction work, and it is a perfect solution for terraces, gardens, hotels and restaurants. Thanks to the pergola's motor and numerous sensors, pergola closes protecting the inside as harsh weather conditions are detected, so it can be used all year around. Sees-ky-Bio also offers different options for extra comfort (LED lights, music, heaters, ...) that can be controlled by control remote, Smartphone or Tablet.

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Bioclimatic pergola seesky-BIO is a waterproof structure with motorized oriented aluminum slats that freely move, and thanks to incorporated detectors inside temperature, sun rays and wind protection can be controlled as well as protection against other harsh weather conditions. With an elegant and modern design, seesky-BIO is an intelligent and perfect solution for sun and weather protection.

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VENTILATION Temperature can be controlled in a natural way thanks to oriented motorized slats (45º, 90º and 135º), that allow the air to come in during summer time as they are opened, and retaining the heat during winter time once they remain closed. SUN PROTECTION You can adjust aluminum slats orientation either by control remote or using Smartphone and Tablet, as well as program the pergola, in this way you can achieve a complete protection against sun radiation. RAIN PROTECTION Specially designed roof aluminum slats collect water and using a pipeline system take collected water through...

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Technical details TECHNICAL DETAILS SLATS The union between ceiling slats and pergola beams is made through reinforced shafts with auto lubricated pads used to avoid maintenance as well as friction between metals. UNION BEAMS The union of beams with pergola’s structure does not disrupt structure aesthetics, as the union of these elements has a clean and elegant finish. PERGOLAS UNION The main difference with other pergola suppliers is that seesky-BIO only needs one column for the union of successive pergolas, what adds extra useable space as well as reduces visual impact. ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT...

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VARIETY OF CONFIGURATIONS Seesky-BIO can be custom made using different variations, depending on where the installation will take place so it can be adapted to customer's needs. These configurations can be divided into 3 different groups:

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Technical details SLAT SECTION Seesky-BIO is composed of 4 different profiles depending on the location of the installation. Lateral beam COMPATIBILITY WITH MAX -ONE -ECO* Not suitable for hanging systems Systems with 8 and 10 mm glass Systems with 8, 10 and 12 mm glass Systems with 10 mm glass Systems with 10 and 12 mm glass Systems with 8 mm glass * Measurements calculated on the installation made on the heavy beam (high density). * No restrictions on non-suspended systems.

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Seesky-BIO can be combined with adjustable windscreen habitat Air to protect from windy weather. With sliding system SG Run you will protect the inside of the pergola without invading interior space. With sliding and folding system SG One you will protect the inside pergola without giving up the view and to open everything completely.

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Technical details Sun protecting system Habitat Win will allow you to create a sense of comfort and privacy without need of installing ant structure that invades the inside space. Aluminum lattices habitat Out allows you to control the entrance of sun rays inside and at the same time as it adds elegant and exclusive design to your pergola. Combine mosquito screen habitat Net with your pergola and you are going to be able to yourself from different kinds of insects. With a minimalistic design and simple functioning, it will be a perfect complement for your pergola.

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AUTOMATION With seesky BIO intelligent automation, you will obtain a maximum comfort thanks to the sensor which will protect you automatically from harsh weather conditions. Automation switchboard can control the motor via radio (control remote or push bottom) to regulate slat opening depending on the weather conditions. Seesky Bio automation device allows you to protect the interior of pergola against any harsh weather conditions thanks to the sensors installed: - Temperature sensors for ice appearance and snow. - Rain sensor for automatic closing. - Wind sensor for automatic opening due...

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SOUND Sound integrated system allow you to listen to your favorite music with a direct radio access, USB adaptor and Bluetooth. Speakers can be provided in white or black color. Sound system can be controlled with control remote (not the same that controls slats opening), mobile phone or tablet. HEATER Seesky Bio can be combined with infrared heater habitat HOT, so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature even on very cold winter days. Habitat HOT heater can be controlled using the same remote control as you use for slat opening. ENLIGHTENMENT Enjoy your pergola during night time thanks to LED...

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C3 Systems, S.L. · Juan de Herrera, 34 · Elche Parque Industrial · 03203 Elche (Alicante) España · Telf. +34 966 286 186 · Fax: +34 965 682 677 The purpose of this document is for commercial purpose. It does not constitute an authentic advertising offer in “strict sense”.For the official offer, please contact C3 SystemS S.L. in order to receive specific and personalized information that contains objetive information regarding relevant characteristics which means that it will constitute an offer in a “strict sense”. C3 SystemS, S.L. commits not to make misleading advertising by this means....

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