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Seeglass RUN - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

sliding system Creating usable spaces with unlimited views ...

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SLIDING GLASS ENCLOSING SYSTEM WITHOUT VERTICAL PROFILES It is an ideal glass enclosing solution for places where you do not want to invade the inside space, as it can be restaurants, terraces and commercial spaces. This system offers a possibility of moving panels, horizontally to one or both sides. When the first panel is opened or closed, thanks to specially designed panel caps, it pulls the rest of the panels, and the panels are moved as a unit.

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DOUBLE FUNCTION: INTERIOR SEPARATION AND EXTERIOR PROTECTION Panels are sliding on the top of the rails of the lower profile. Very easy installation without additional building work needed. Possible construction unevenness is not a problem for the installation due to the guides and height adjustable bearings. Lower bearings designed for a smooth panel movement.

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Technical Details SPECIAL FEATURES PANEL REGULATION: Fast and easy panel regulation. DOUBLE OPENING DEVICE: Possibility of choosing inside/ outside opening device. AVAILABLE CAP COLORS. - Chrome Matt - White - Black - Silver OVVERLAPPING COVERS: Design of ovverlapped covers for central openings. COMPONENTS AND OPTIONS LOCKS: Possibility of including an outside lock on the system with the knob on the inside. EMBEDDED PROFILE: Useful option for places when unobstructed access is needed. AUTO BLOCKING: Standard opening device that allows the opening only from the inside. GASKETS: For the improved...

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Opening Devices OPENING DEVICES AVAILABLE DARD STAN ING OPEN SIMPLE KNOB / DOUBLE FIEXED KNOB: Standard opening device for SG RUN system. RING HANDLE: Round opening device. FINISH: INOX. FINISH: CHROME Matt. S-4 LOCK: Lock with a key on the outside and knob on the inside. FINISH: CHROME Matt or Polished Chrome. LOCK S-6: Locking device with an option of having key hole on both sides, or key on the outside and knob on the inside. FINISH: Chrome Matt or Polished Chrome EASY INSTALLATION: Possible adjustment on bearings allows easy installation, assure proper panel movement.

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SYSTEM DETAILS - SURFACE OPTION 5 RAILS SECTION TECHNICAL FEATURES SEEGLASS RUN Depending on the height of system the maximum panel width can vary.

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SYSTEM DETAILS - SURFACE OPTION Glass enclosing system seeglass-Run is entirely produced in SPAIN. All the components are designed and manufactured by C3 Systems S.L. This product has been tested according to the European standards for waterproof and wind resistance. Seeglass-RUN product has a CE mark, as we endorse the production properly sealed and signed. Seeglass-RUN fulfils international requirements for aluminium powder coating Qualanod, Qualideco and Qualicoat. Finishes available in RAL, Anodized and Wodden Imitation.

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C3 Systems, S.L. · Juan de Herrera, 34 · Elche Parque Industrial · 03203 Elche (Alicante) España · Telf. +34 966 286 186 · Fax: +34 965 682 677 The purpose of this document is to meet a commercial function. It does not constitute an authentic advertising offer in a “strict” sense. With a view to the training of the appropriate contract, please contact with C3SystemS, SL in order to offer you specific and personalized information that contains objective information regarding relevant characteristics which means that it will constitute an offer in a “strict” sense. C3SystemS S.L. commits not to...

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