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seeglass PRO ED 2

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SERERSa^EF seeglass PRO is the protection balustrade with safety glass that best fits the current regulation, without the building design being affected. Traditionally any kind of building or construction includes guard rails made of aluminium or barrier solutions ruining the aesthetic or not meeting the security requirements. The innovative design of the balustrade seeglass PRO is specifically based on the use of glass as the main raw material for manufacturing. The combination of both elements: high quality structural aluminium joined with guaranteed properties of tempered and laminated...

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SEEGLASS PRO ANCHORED TO FLOOR SEEGLASS PRO EMBEDDED This variation is particularly suitable for installation on floor. It is mainly composed of seeglass-pro profiles and 2 finishing profiles with all accessories needed for assembly and setting. This variation is designed for installation embedded in the floor. It is mainly composed of seeglass-pro profiles and 2 finishing profiles with all accessories needed for assembly and setting. This variation offers the possibility to install the balustrade in a frontal way or in a facade. It includes 1 side finishing profile, 1 end cap and 1 bottom...

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INSTALLATION ADJUSTMENT Simple adjustment for proper alignment of glass without wedges.

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SERIE The new version of balustrade PRO-F, has been specifically designed to be installed anchored to floor. The balustrade consists of a great thickness aluminum profile, a high-quality "U" shape rubber to place the glass, wedge parts for aligment of glasses and glazing gaskets for a unified finish and sealing.

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IL EXAMPLES OF INSTALLATION FLUSHED TO FLOOR    SEMI-EMBEDDED    ANCHORED TO FLOORINSTALLATION    INSTALLATION    INSTALLATION HANDRAILS FOR BALUSTRADE SERIES R & F GLASS 10 + 10 WALL SUPPORT The use of the wall support provides the handrail of an additional anchorage point. 90° CORNER PART Fixed corner part for the installation of handrails with 90° angle shape. The installation reinforces the handrail in the angle position. ADJUSTABLE CORNER PART Like the fixed corner part, this piece reinforces the union of angles higher than 90°.

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IseealassB^ft V    safety glass bdustrads The balustrade seeglass PRO SERIES F & R have been approved under the criteria of the UNE 85238 standard issued and verified according to DB SE-AE Technical Building Code (TBC). UNE 852385 standard features: The test involves subjecting the railing to the shock action represented by the perpendicular fall of a large soft body of a substantially spherical shape of approx. 50kgs weight in the geometric centre of the glass piece. As specified by the rule, once the glass is impacted it should not break into pieces or items that could cause injury people...

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(•^SystemS the open view company C3 Systems, S.L. • Juan de Herrera, 34 • Elche Parque Industrial • 03203 Elche (Alicante) SPAIN • Ph. +34 966 286 186 • Fax: +34 965 682 677 The purpose of this document is to meet a commercial function. It does rot constitute ar authentic advertising offer in a "strict" sense. With a view to the training of the appropriate contract, please contact with C3SystemS, SL in order to offer you specific and personalized information that contains objective information regarding relevant characteristics which means that it will constitute an otter in a "strict"...

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