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Seeglass ONE, MAX, ECO - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Creating usable spaces with unlimited views...

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Seeglass, glass enclosures without vertical profiles Glass enclosures without vertical profiles Seeglass, have been designed with a purpose of allowing you to enjoy your terrace all year round. Our systems are composed of tempered glass (6, 8, 10 and 12mm options are available), upper and lower profiles, with a modern and minimalistic design. The combination of these components, together with an absence of vertical profiles, will allow you to enjoy your terrace all year round. COMPLETELY CLOSED SYSTEM If the system remains closed, it protects your terrace from severe weather conditions. If the...

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DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS Seeglass systems allow you to slide glass panels in any way desired, being able to adjust to almost any possible configuration. Openings can be internal or external, as well as having opening devices on the inside or outside and all the panels can be easily cleaned. © When the opening panel has a lock, is it usually wider than the rest of the panels (T) so the rest of the panels will not jam against the lock, as well as allowing panels to stack neatly. )Balustrade and column position must be taken into the consideration when panels turn corners, as well as the diminishing...

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Seeglass MAX is a sliding and turning glazing system for those who seek an enclosure whose design does not disrupt building´s aesthetics, and for those who need a higher resistance and sealing under the most adverse weather conditions. Its´ reinforced steel bearings, anodized aluminum chassis hinges, as well as upper frames and reinforced hinge location sockets give an unmatched robustness in order to reduce the minimum possibility of breakage or deformation of the components, due to the improper installation, and/or to an intensive or improper use of the system. Its´ innovative cover design and...

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Technical details [seeglass TECHNICAL DETAILS - PATENTED SYSTEMS OVERLAPPED COVER DESIGNED FOR 90° Overlapped    covers designed for systems with 90° shape allow a maximum sealing INTEGRATED METALIC OPENING SYSTEM New metallic and symmetric cap allows a total integration of the opening device into the profiles. HINGES AND HIGH RESISTANT BEARINGS New aluminum stamped hinges and reinforced bearings in Zamak to reduce possible breakage or deformation of components. GLASS FIXING Glass fixation to the profiles by using screws guarantees a perfect and long-lasting functioning, as well as guaranteed...

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Seeglass ONE is a high quality glazing system designed to create comfortable living spaces as well as increasing your property value. Seeglass sliding and folding glazing systems are adaptable to a variety of different environments including winter gardens, balconies, terraces and even shopping areas. They are technologically advanced systems which are easily installed in order to create new usable spaces, and at the same time as they protect from severe weather conditions while they remain closed. Seeglass systems are a perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, shops, offices, as...

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Technical details TECHNICAL DETAILS - PATENTED SYSTEMS INTEGRATED METALIC OPENING SYSTEM TOP TELESCOPIC PROFILE Top profile reinforces standard top profile, and it prevents possible deformation as well as makes an installation a regulation of panels much easier as it allows to absorb small buildings irregularities. New metallic and symmetric cap allows a total integration of the opening device into the profiles. STANDARD LOWER PROFILE GLASS FIXING Glass fixation to the profiles by using screws guarantees a perfect and long-lasting functioning, as well as guaranteed safety. The fixing is completed...

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Seeglass Eco allows to increase your property living space as well as to use spaces which are not being currently used due to their location or conditions. With the installation of glazing enclosure, you can create a comfortable living space to be used all year long such as children playground, studio, or just a protected and clean terrace. In addition, all the panels can be easily clean from the inside, as well as avoid nuisances such as wind, noise and dirt.

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Technical details TECHNICAL DETAILS - PATENTED SYSTEMS TOP TELESCOPIC PROFILE Top telescopic profile absorbs building irregularities up to 20mm of height. It is easily installed and regulated. 1ST CLASS QUALITY ACCESSORIES Enclosure system and bearing components made of high quality and resistant materials, technically designed plastic parts, stainless steel screws… INTERMEDIATE OPENING GLASS FIXING It allows panels partial opening as a first panel locks into the support and the rest of the panels can be slightly moved in order to permit a controlled ventilation. Glass fixation to the profiles...

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Options CONTINOUSLY USED DOOR MAIN DOOR C3 SystemS presents our new continuously used door “MAIN DOOR”, specially designed for public places such as restaurants, shops, offices… where the door is being frequently used. AUXILIARY CONDENSATION PROFILE New auxiliary condensation profile specially designed to drain out the water that appears due to the temperature changes. It can be installed with or without bracket support. LATERAL PROFILES Lateral profiles are specially designed for preventing the entrance of air. It is also used for adding extra stability for panels as well as a compensator in...

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MOOVING DOOR Moving Door can be placed in any part of Seeglass system and it can be opened and close according to the needs of client without having to open the entire system. The moving door functions as another panel which slides and folds to the side when the system is open. Maximum height: 2500mm Maximum width moving door: 750mm [seeglass IER< With a new handrail profile for our balustrade Seeglass Pro, sliding and folding Seeglass systems will be able to be installed on the top of our balustrade, increasing the view as well as the brightness entering inside. New panel blocking kit allows...

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Command Variety ROD AND CABLE OPENING DEVICES Our standard opening device is with a rod, but if you wish to add different and more elegant touch to your Seeglass system, now you can choose a metallic cable option as well. With a minimalistic and very elegant design, cable opening device allows you even a wider view. SIMPLE AND DOUBLE KNOB With an elegant and minimalistic design, this new opening device is another option which can be chosen for your Seeglass system. The main difference from other systems is the possibility to easily adjust cable tension produced by continuous usage, so it doesn’t...

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