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habitat SUN ED3

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Sun protection Create sustainable and avant-garde spaces habitat-sun, is ◦ modem sun protection system of efficient pleated/venetian blinds and created to satisfy the most varied demands. It offers solutions to any type of glass curtain as it fits perfectly to any single glass panels without preventing the appropriate functioning of the system. This means that your interior stay is being protected from incoming light and sun providing more light and thermal comfort in winter and summer. It is a very comfortable system which contributes to sustainability optimising the energy efficiency of...

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Control the warmth of your living space in style The Venetian blind has been adjusted to the most modern spaces. This is a concept based on aluminium horizontal slats that allows graduating the incoming light or enjoying full opacity. It is easily fitted to any glass curtain system. This is achieved by regulating the thermal comfort of your space. It makes the internal temperature higher than the external one in winter and the other way around in summer. You can create an environment in accordance with your home decor thanks to its wide range of basic and anodized colours. O Aluminium...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS LOWER SUPPORT Lower support enables panels to be individually handled without damage. STACKABLE SYSTEM The system stacks individually in any of the panels allowing partial or total opening of the enclosure. TECHNICAL FEATURES * For higher widths please ask STACK HEIGHT AVALAIBLE COLOURS Accessory colours: black, grey, white and beige. VENETIAN BLINDS Height in mm

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The lightest and most effective sun protection The pleated model is a very light fabric blind and easy to handle. It fits perfectly to minimum rolling spaces. It contributes significantly to optimize the energy efficiency of the space allowing a better use of solar energy. It offers a variety of positions according to protection needs at any time of the day. It can be folded from the bottom up, top down or left in the middle as a tool for creativity and style in your space. You can create an environment in accordance with your home decor thanks to its wide range of wide range or...

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STACKABLE SYSTEM The system can be stacked in any model and position. LOWER REGULATION Lower panel position regulation. DIVERTER Possibility of installation of complete pleated blind for opening door. MODEL 101 Traditional drive with cord. PLEATED BLINDS MODEL 150 (recommended) TECHNICAL FEATURES ROD FOR MANUAL OPERATION Possibility of rod for manual operation especially indicated for high enclosures. Compatible with models 150 and 141. Maximum width*

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the open view company C3 Systems, S.L. - Juan de Herrera, 34 - Elche Parque Industrial - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain - Ph. +34 966 286 186 - Fax: +34 965 682 677 The purpose of filsrfocumsntlato meet a conrwrdaliincthn. It boos not consttte on authentic advartsing ofir h a Nrtf sense. tfMi a dorr to In trabihg of the approptafe contract, please contact nth CSSyatamS, SL h onto to otto you speflteand personates hfbrmalon Sot contataa objedba Honraflon regard ng relevant rhaactolalea aNdi maan* flat II util corattrta an ofer in a'drtd'aanse. CSSyatemS S.L. commits not to mdte misleading...

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