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Catalogue excerpts

BC-serie Adjustable pedestal for any type of terrace or raised floor

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BC-Serie Inspiring creativity... Founded in 1987, Buzon Pedestal Inte- Bottom piece : • Head of support (surface of 175 cm ²) • Coupler • Base (surface of 320 cm ²) • Slope Corrector (0 to 5%) national is the first and leading European manufacturer of screw-jack pedestals. Buzon screw-jack pedestals offer uninterrupted adjustability, are made from The head of the support(1) is screwed directly onto the base or the coupler. The head, with a diameter of 150 mm, can be options of 4 tabs of 2 - 4,5 – 6 – 8 - 10 mm thickness making an open joint between the stone tiles. The head of the pedestal is...

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On request*, our design department can supply 2D files to architects and engineers. These files are compatible with most architectural software packages thereby allowing the integration of Buzon pedestals in the plans. * Specification test on request

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Heights of Buzon Screwjack Adjustable pedestals from 28 to 1030 mm Standard pedestal from 28 to 200 mm. Timber batten support Timber batten support from 35 to 90 mm The adjustement guide allows the positioning of the timber batten at different angles. Guide BATTEN Made in EPDM of 1 or 2 mm re for use with marble, stone slab • anti slip values • Shock & sound absorbtion Allows to compensate during differences in thickness of the

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* Test available on request pedestals BC-Serie Extensions from 200 to 1030 mm (with the C3 coupler) x2 Pedestal not adjustable Standard pedestal BC-0 from 11 mm einforced (Shore 50), bs, granite etc for : g the installation, the stones used. Stability - Longevity - Standard pedestal BC-1 from 14 mm LOCK

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BC-PH5 Slope corrector A slope corrector placed under the base of the pedestal will compensate up to 5 % in the substrate, and up to 10 % by coupling two slope correctors. The slope corrector BC-PH5 increases the height of the pedestals by12mm Example : Correct and adjust a slope of 5 % with the BC-PH5 slope corrector. Example : Correct and adjust a slope of 8 % by coupling two BC-PH5 slope corrector ( 5% + 3% ) included pedestals BC-1.

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Arc hite cte : Xa vier Jean get te (L iège ) Unlimited solutions for your terrace design The BC Series adopts a new method of spacer tabs to separate pavers, inspiring creative architecture with inlimited possibilities. Independent tabs are fixed to the head of the pedestal and with the unique 360 rotation, the space between pavers will match perfectely. Rectangular or square pavers Triangular pavers Hexagonal pavers Triangular pavers Pentagonal pavers

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References Acropolis Museum - Greece Temple – Tokyo (Japon) – Arch. Shinkenchiku-Sha European Central Bank Head Office – G.D. Luxembourg Terrace Fontain in Malbork – Poland • Site of the Parliament of the EU, Brussels - Belgium (2 000 m ² with base to 55 cm) • Military Royal School, Brussels - Belgium (Timber terrace - 1.500m ²) • ational museum of Tokyo - Japan (300 m ²) N • niversity hospital of Kansas City - the United States (1 000m ²) U • niversity of Denver, Colorado - the United States U • Building of the site of the European Parliament, Strasbourg - France (2 000m ²) • ite of the General...

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