Brilumen | LED Lighting Catalogue V.1 2018 - 196 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

It´s expressly prohibited the total or part reproduction of this catalogue, as well as the use of text or images without previous permission. A reprodução deste catálogo inteira ou parcialmente, bem como a utilização de texto ou imagens sem autorização, são expressamente proi

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Lighting emotions! OUR VISION ¬ A high reputation professional lighting brand. OUR MISSION ¬ rovide the latest technology in high quality lighting products. P ¬ lways aiming for excellence in client service, build up a strong and A competitive option of professional lighting specialists for professionals. OUR VALUES ¬ Integrity, honesty, truth and professionalism; ¬ espect the relationship with the customer. Encourage and maintain R long term partnerships; ¬ Provide value gains to the customer and business; ¬ rovide a healthy working environment. Value and respect people; P ¬ Focused and solid...

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Rua de Oliveira e Sa, n° 200 ZI. Maia, Setor 1 4475-263 Maia Tel. (+351) 220 920 550 fax. (+351) 220 920 559

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Lighting is a complex but critical concept in any project. The specific requirements from the professionals on the lighting industry are innumerable and there’s a great demand for brands that can anticipate the trends on a highly demanding and constantly evolving market. Brilumen is more than just a simple lighting brand, having already achieved a place of excellency on the market. It stands out by being an innovative brand, professional and competitive, and by developing high demanding and complex projects which contribute to enrich the wide portfolio of its’ partners, establishing long term...

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SERVICES SERVIÇOS RETROFIT The term retrofit, a combination of the word retro with fit, applied to lighting, is the modernization of an obsolete system, replacing the equipment by other with more advanced and efficient technologies, without changing the existing infrastructure. The luminaires remodeling, when its light sources are replaced for equivalents, but with more advanced technology, allows you to introduce lower wattages, without reducing luminous flux, and light intensity regulation systems. These changes lead to a short / medium investment return through energy and resource savings as...

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LIGHTING PROJECTS ESTUDOS LUMINOTÉCNICOS A well-lit room is extremely important since we spent much of our time indoors with artificial light. The low light in environment we are in may cause fatigue and discomfort when performing some tasks and having lots of light does not mean that an environment is well lit, and by that there is the possibility of wasting energy. The uniform distribution and proper lighting level are ideal for any location. But how can you get the proper lighting for a specific location? The answer is simple, through a lighting study using simulation software. With this tool,...

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The Colour Rendering Index, or as it is more commonly known CRI represents how faithful the light sources can reveal colour or colours of the illuminated objects compared to the same colours when revealed by an ideal source of lighting or natural daylight (sun light). CRI is represented by a number value that can go up to 100 and it is usually easier to get higher CRI values with lower values of correlated colour temperature. CRI values are usually achieved by measuring 14 "R" values that go from R1 to R14 and each one represents a specific colour. CRI information is critical when choosing luminaires...

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CONCEPTS CONCEITOS Correlated Colour Temperature generally known as CCT, in lighting terms, refers to the appearance colour of a light source in relation to the appearance of an incandescent light source, maintained at a specific temperature, measured in kelvin (K). The Correlated Colour Temperature of a luminaire is visually translated by its colour, being that when the light is closer to yellow it is considered warmer (lower values on kelvin’s scale); and when it is close to blue it is considered colder (higher values on kelvin’s scale). A temperatura de cor ou CCT (“Correlated Colour Temperature”),...

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COLOUR TEMPERATURE KELVIN (K) TEMPERATURA DA COR Moonlight Luar 4,0001 Cloudy sky Ceu nublado (6,5001 Midday sun Sol do meio-dia (5,5001 Morning/evening sun Manha/sol da tarde (3,5001 Lightbulb Lampada (3,0001 Sunrise/sunset Nascer do sol/Por do sol (2,5001 Candle flame Chama de vela Lighting emotions!

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IP CODE, INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION MARKING (IEC 60529 STANDARD)GRAU DE PROTECAO IP, PADRAO INTERNACIONAL (NORMA IEC 60529) Rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water. The second digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against harmful ingress of water. Avalia o grau de protecao atribuido contra a intrusao (partes do corpo como maos e dedos), poeira, contacto acidental e agua. O segundo digito indica o nivel de protecao que a luminaria tem em funcao da presenca de agua a que pode...

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ELECTRICAL CLASSES Class refers to the protection against potential electric shocks that can happen due to physical contact with the electric part of the device, differentiating the type of connection between the protection and ground. Generally, in lighting, the equipments are divided in three different classes and each one of them is associated to a different icon: Classe refere-se à proteção contra potenciais choques elétricos aquando do contato físico com a parte elétrica do equipamento, diferenciando o tipo de conexão entre a proteção e o terra. Geralmente, os equipamentos encontram-se divididos...

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DALI PROTOCOL PROTOCOLO DALI The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, better known as the DALI protocol, is a common system for all lighting components, allowing them to be controlled digitally. With this system, all controllers, sensors, electronic control equipment and light fitting, work together. This interface works as a master-slave structure, where information flows from the controller, which operates as a master, to the lighting equipment or other controllers that acts as slaves, executing the orders or answering to the information request received. The DALI information flow is bidirectional...

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