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Catalogue excerpts

“La manera en que la poesía se mezcla con la tecnología es lo que realmente me gusta.” “What I really like is the way that poetry mixed with technol

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One of the most distinctive signs from Vietnam is the hat used by women in the countryside to protect themselves from the sun and the rain and as a basket to carry food. NÓN LÁ is the name used to describe this Vietnamese hat and it is also the name we selected for this lamp. This is the way we pay homage to its shape and centenary culture. The simplicity of this cone-shaped lamp, offers a lightweight and resistant structure with an avant-garde touch thanks to the decentralized light cavity. The lamp’s hood is made out of aluminium and then platted or lacquered. Nón Lá fills the space with direct...

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“Su forma orgánica y modular hace de él un objeto singular y original” “Its organic and modular shape makes it a unique and original ob

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TRIA is a wall ligth designed as a modular system made with led plates, which makes it easy to build up light clusters connected to each other by an inside structure. The TRIA frontal parts are made in white lacquer or natural oak and they can be slightly moved to offer a suggestive play of light and shadow around the organic shape of the diffuser. TRIA can be installed either as a single wall light or as a light module with a sole connection point on the wall which makes it easier to be installed in halls, offices and hotel reception desks and lobbies. A dimmable version is available.

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“Intento darle importancia también a la luz que recibe la lámpara. La luz al chocar contra su superficie crea un objeto mucho más rico” “I try to give importance also to the light that falls on the lamp. The light hitting its surface creates a much richer ob

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TIBETA is a family of pendant lights made of a spun aluminum body. It is available in three different sizes and shapes which can be used either individually or in groups of three or more units according to client’s needs. Tibeta includes an LED module inside, which provides direct bottom light.

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Dome es una escultura lumínica que crea un juego de luces y sombras a través de sus piezas de madera entrelazadas. Dome is a light sculpture that create a play of lights and shadows throw it intertwined wood pieces. It is such the importance of light that any change on the item can alter the formal concept of the whole project. A sculpture may seem more or less static, depending on the light received. With DOME we decided to take the light out of the object so it becomes a light sculpture designed to receive and emit a delicate light, a play of shadows and nuances that enrich the space for which...

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57 cm / 22.44" Punto de Conexión / Connection Point 89 cm / 35.04" Punto de Conexión / Connection Point 115,50 cm / 45.47" Punto de Conexión / Connection Point

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“Creamos objetos que reciben y ofrecen luz” “We create objects that receive and provide light” Joana

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