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Three features in one. The only one. SureFlo™ Precise fibre optic dispensing. LESS WASTE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Elimination of proprietary cartridges reduces post-consumer waste by as much as 57 %. Additionally, the wasteful disposal of residual soap in cartridges is estimated at 10 %-20 % as a result of scheduled maintenance. Non-Proprietary for Operational Savings SureFlo dispenses economical non-proprietary liquid or foam soaps available on the open market for savings of 80% or more versus proprietary cartridges. Investment recovery time for the dispenser averages one year. Convenient top-fill with bulk soap. touch-free fibre optics FOR increased hygiene Advanced fibre-optic technology ensures these soap dispensers activate when you want and not when you don’t. There is no direct contact between the patron and the dispenser, preventing cross-contamination. For more information, contact or visit or Eliminates cartridge handling and waste.

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SureFlo™ Automatic Counter-Mounted Soap Dispensers Model B-824 Liquid and B-828 Foam Soap Dispensers Dispense/Low Battery Indicator Top-fill Locking Cover for 50 mm Fill Port Concealed Lock Activation Area Cleanable Pre-mixer Housing (B-828 only) Fibre-Optic Activation Lens One-Litre Vessel Plug-in Optics Connection Shrouded Housing System-Flush Button Power Cord Jack Portion/Mix Control Dial Four D-cell batteries last for one year and serve up to 200,000 handwashes. Optional AC Adapter is kind to the environment and eliminates battery disposal. SureFlo Soap Dispensers are protected with international...

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