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Berker Catalogue 2010 - 632 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

This catalogue is intended as procedure documentation for dealers. Our terms of payment, sales and delivery shall apply. Our publications are intended to provide information to the best of our knowledge and are in no way intended to be legally binding. Illustrations are not binding, especially with regard to colour, size and equipment of the products shown. Industrial property rights exist for many of the products. We reserve the right to make technical and formal changes to our products in the interest of technical progress. All items in this catalogue which are subject to CE regulations bear...

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Inserts for standard/surface ranges Standard ranges Surface ranges Special ranges Building system technology Industrial ranges Splash-protected ranges Surface-mounted range Connection boxes and connecting devices Manufacture Cleaning instructions, Technical specifications, Mounting plates, General terms and conditions of business, Product summary ABOUT US 4-15 MODULE inserts 16-35 House electronics 36-61 MODUL 2 62-97 BERKER S.1 98-103 BERKER B.1 104-107 BERKER B.3 108-111 BERKER B.7 GLAS 112-115 BERKER S.1/B.1/B.3/B.7 GLAS ROCKERS AND CENTRE INSERTS 116-155 BERKER Q.1 156-191 BERKER K.1, K.5...

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4 Ideas, perfection, but above all a passion for excellent Design: Berker – the right way.

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5 Berker AWARDS berker K.1, TS Sensor berker B.1, B.3, B.IQ, s.1, TS Sensor berker B.IQ, eib push-buttons, k.1, K.5, S.1, TS sensor, serie 1930 porzellan made by rosenthal Berker Q.1, K.5, serie 1930 porzellan made by rosenthal, ts crysta l ball Berker Q.1, berker B.IQ, TS, TS sensor berker B.Iq Berker Q.1, B.IQ, K.5, ts Senso r, se rie 1930 porzellan made by rosenthal, ts crysta l ball berker Ts Sensor

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Unique surface... robust... pleasing shape... versatile... the new allrounder... Berker Q.1

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7 A new switch with an unmistakeable surface, a clear shape and an excellent price-performance ratio with a large depth of product variety – what is that? It‘s obvious: a new all-rounder! Over 270 variants of the Berker Q.1 are available, including items with an innovative lighting design, a splash-protected version, with conventional switch technology and also completely new push-button sensors. For private homes and apartments, public buildings and large construction projects – it is therefore the logical first choice. The product range can be found on the following pages: Berker Q.1 156-191...

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8 The proven be nefits of Berke r switch inse rts at a glance. As the inventor of the module system, Berker is the only manufacturer to have retained its philosophy unchanged right through to the present. Even years later, it is still possible to adapt the switch to a new interior design look. The actual inserts are left in the wall. Only the surfaces are replaced. Even if a control switch or illuminated switch is desired, the switch insert always remains the same. For you that means: ¡ No wrong inserts on site ¡ Minimal stockholding ¡ Lasting customer satisfaction Outstanding functionality and...

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9 ¡ Moulded-on lever release catches reduced release forces ¡ Switch labelled on The backside order no., circuit diagram/graphical symbol, stripping length ¡ 10 AX, 250 V~ switch 10 A, 250 V~ button with 1 mm thick supporting ring ¡ 3.5° switching angle for a flatter appearance ¡ Modular design suitable for all rocker types ¡ Large clearance around the claw screw with combination cross-head srews (+/-) ¡ Precise seating of rockers made possible by variable four-pin mount ¡ Position of the neon/glow unit exact positioning by click-in-place; can be used as indicator or orientation light ¡ Cable...

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10 MODULAR ASSEMBLED DESIGN: FROM APPLICATION … IN ONLY THREE STEPS In the following, we will show you how three selected complete products are put together and how the items making up the products can be ordered through the catalogue. It‘s as easy as one-two-three! 1 2 APPLICATION SELECT INSERT CHOOSE FRAME DESIGN in chapter: e.g., in chapter: M ODULE INSERTS BERKER B.3 Light switch Example: Rocker switches change-over Example: Frame aluminium/polar white, 1gang order no.: 3036 order no.: 1011 39 04 H OUSE ELECTRONICS Berker K.1 Time switch for blinds Example: RolloTec® standard insert Example:...

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11 … TO COMPLETE PRODUCT 3 FIND A SUITABLE COVER COMPL ETE PR ODUCT in chapter: BERKER S.1/B.1/B.3/B.7 GLas Rockers and centre inserts Example: Rocker polar white, matt R ocker switch change-over order no.: 1620 19 09 Design: BERKER B.3 BERKER K.1/K.5 Rockers and centre inserts Example: RolloTec® time switch Easy R olloTec® time switch Easy with display, polar white with display order no.: 1762 71 09 Design: BERKER K.1 BERKER S.1/B.1/B.3/B.7 GLas R ADIO BUS SYSTEM Rockers and centre inserts Transmitter Example: BLC radio button, polar white, matt BLC radio universal touch dimmer R emote operation...

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13 The digital media from Berker provide you with comprehensive information and a large number of useful ADITIONAL FUNCTIONS. INTERNET: The web pages offer detailed information about Berker switches and systems. A variety of other options are available: ¡ electronic catalogue with - extensive technical information - operating instructions - generation of bills of materials for future use - product information - the KN X/EIB product service: software and documentation for all KNX/EIB products from Berker ¡ ordering sales aids and information materials ¡ Berker news feeds: keep up...

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14 Berke r switches and systems . Shi ning examples of individualistic home comfort. Do you know how to design rooms with exceptional ease and with a more individual style? At Berker we have been working on that since 1919 – and we have found some highly attractive answers. Berker switches and systems are in use all over the world, making life more beautiful, easier and more comfortable. We place the utmost emphasis on quality, design and innovation. This is confirmed by the numerous awards we have received both at home and abroad. Berker is a leading supplier of high-quality electrical installations...

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